Sky Q for ( almost) free

Sky Q for ( almost) free


In order to boost Mr Murdochs upcoming divorce fund I called sky about upgrading at the weekend.

Turns out if you have Sky movies/sports/HD package interweb and phone then to upgrade to Q is only 75p a month more

For that you get a new router a new sky box with 1 or 2 TB drive and sky on a mobile device of your choice + all the usual.

Seemed worth it to me

I was on the phone sorting out an engineer visit anyway as the dish has been playing up since the storms

Worth a look if you are fully paid up


Just looked at the kit on the Sky website.

Really like the idea of new box that can record 4 channels while you watch a fifth.

Looks pretty impressive - may be just enough to keep me as a customer for a further twelve months…depends if they can give me more than the 2-3 mpbs broadband I currently suffer with, although as that is down to the exchange, I’m probably gonna have the same problem whoever I choose as my ISP.


What is the cost if you have all their channels but get your broadband elsewhere? I use Virgin for my interwebby stuff and would hate to give that up.


I wish eternal genital warts on sky and their very influential but still absolute bell end of an owner.


Not sure there is enough moisture for the transmission of any virus’ in his current corpse bride


I just looked and for me, I’m on BT Broadband, it will be an extra £1.50 a month. However the cost of loaning the equipment is £150!!

Oh, and it’s not available just yet if you’re on other ISPs (not Sky) so you have to register your interest.


Agreed, yes it is only a little more in terms of the monthly subscription but you have to pay for the installation/loan of the equipment which is £149 for Sky Silver plus an additional £99 for each extra Sky Mini box.


I dumped Sky in January as it was/is completely shite and watch all games over sportsmania which has worked welll for me. Netflix for the rest. Saving myself enough each year to finance two trips to St Marys! Whats not to like?


Do you live in Italy?


Great, the Ayatollah can fill up the hard drive with even more episodes of place in the sun and come dine with me.


4 channels being recorded whilst watching a fifth is Nirvana, how many times have I not been able to watch sport because she is recording Eastenders/Emmerdale/Coronation Street/Some other soap at the same time??


I find it hard to imagine that, even with all the channels available, there would ever be more than one programme at a time that I would want to record. That would mean two things worth watching being on simultaneously; in my experience there is rarely even one. Admittedly, I have nothing more than free TV, but I’ve seen little of what’s available on Sky that would make me reconsider.

And, if you did record four programmes at once while watching a fifth, when the hell would you watch them all?


Try having a wife and 3 kids all wanting different things recording at the same time for watching later…


Just a quick update for anyone vaguely interested - very impressed so far.

Totally new UI that takes a bit of getting used to but quality seems much better. apps and youtube etc included with more tocome. More screen in screen stuff than before and the multiple recordings actually works really well.

We all have Q on our iPads and it essentially turns them into your skybox so you can watchit exactly like your TV, unlike Go you have access to your recording and can download them to your ipad to pick up where you left off etc

May not have even looked at it if our dish hadn’t been knocked out of whack by the storm but so far so good

And the router is much better - witchcraft I suspect but far fewer drop off points around the home now