:captain: Skipper

:captain: Skipper


edit: sorry. Paywalled


I got in to it no problem, so worth trying. Nice interview.


Hi, new boy here
Hoping for the best today, Hojberg coming back would be a plus.
Thought we missed him against West Ham


Welcome @fredabc1000.
We’ll need a big performance to get anything today but you never know.


Just to confirm it’s fred, not freda lol


There is a trans rights thread somewhere :wink:


Well Freda BC1000

we will assume that is your DoB and were possably one of LITSL’s first dates :lou_lol:

Welcome by the way


Hi @fredabc1000 and welcome.
Agree with you on Højbjerg & West ham and think he’ll be a very important player today, as will Redmond(never thought i’d say that).
I’m hopeful :+1:


Morning/ afternoon @fredabc1000 welcome

You wouldn’t be @fred1000, but forgot your password by any chance? :lou_wink:

I have to agree with @Goatboy


Freda BC1000 sounds like one of those robots for lonely men


Welcome to the nuthouse Fred


Don’t worry lads (and lasses) @Barry-Sanchez will soon squeeze the positivity out of him.

Nice icon BTW @saintbletch


And Højbjerg was important in what sense - that he made himself unavailable for a while?

Twat - Højbjerg, that is



He scored didn’t he? :duck: sake are you sure you weren’t sat next to me today?


I would say the ref made him unavailable, he scored and was one of the better players.


I was but ignored you. You happy clapper you…



But to be fair it was a bit of a shit tackle.


Yeah, but a harsh red(my opinion). It’s still a contact sport and it wasn’t that bad. Although listening to the commentary you’d think no one ever got injured in a tackle and just the chance that it could happen(to a rich teams player) demanded a straight red(& flogging in the town square).
Just compare the commentary on any game a rich team plays the rest of us. It’s fucking hideous(i listened to English commentary today and fell violated with bullshit).


Ah, but I listened to Dave and some other bloke (Adam on hols apparently) on Radio Solent- so completely Partisan. Don’t think they were against the decision really.


Hojbjerg’s tackle was no worse than Kompany’s. Kompany got a yellow. The ref and in particular the Itchen linesman were fucking shit. Hojbjerg got red because Pep had fucking kittens, whining like his first born had just been butt raped.