Skates lose!

Thank fuck for that and beaten for the first time this season, at home to a south coast red and white striped club.

There was a piece Sky Sports News,on the blue few while I was in the gym earlier. They were saying that they believe they can win the league and are only 1 of 4 teams in the football league that are still unbeaten and they could not see any reason why the run could not continue.

The article went on and the club were saying that they have fantastic support and to get 19,000 in league 1 would be unheard of, let alone league 2. (Hold on a minute).

This really peed me off today and got my back up, so I am glad theynfucking lost! Tossers!

I was disappointed when I saw they’d lost but I think I’ve got over it already.

Yep, I have.



I hope Pap has the extra server space for a thread on every loss for them.


I could do without another monster thread emerging!..

I have to employ three people on shifts at the moment just to service the RB brand on the other side.

If I had to take on more staff that i couldn’t afford to pay I might end up trading insolvently, ignoring bills, blaming other people, and banging on about the past.


That’s just crazy talk. I’m sure such a thing could never happen.

Rather that than our biggest thread on this site be about our hated rivals.

I think Luton did it and were severely punished…quite rightly so!