🏉 Six Nations 2021

All kicks off on the 6th February with Italy v France, England v Scotland and Wales v Ireland.

Let’s hope Covid lets this one finish on time…

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Apart from about the first 5-10 mins of Saturday’s game against Scotland, none of England’s games clash with Saints.


Anyone up for a Six Nations predictor, similar to the football one but slightly harder methinks…

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30 minutes gone and Italy 3 France 24

Italy offering little going forward and France feasting is off Italy’s errors.

And as I say that Italy have a lovely but of play down the blindside, double dummy and Italy score a try, or do they?

Nope, try chalked off, forward pass

Bit late but I’m in

Annoying England kick off during stoppage time in our game later

Not annoying at present. More a blessed relief.

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Italy 10 - 50 France

Bit of a thumping handed out by France there…to be fair what I saw Italy were quite poor…

This is going well

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That was a no I take it?

England as shit as Saints here. Can’t win our own line outs and giving away fartoo many penalties

Can the nice Irish lady doing the TMO be signed up to do VAR on Thursday?

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Well we are still in touch

We have to try and break down a Scottish side whom is a man down at the start of the second half

Sound familiar ?

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Not with Young’'s inane kicking.

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How’s your day honey? Asks Mrs P_F
Saints were shit
Rugby is shit.
“Oh well at least you have Steak night. How is it?”
Early Star Wars.
It’s a little Chewie…

I’ll take anything atm


Just having the same convo with the Ayatollah

Saints are cunts
England are cunts
Football is a cunts game
So is rugby

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Anyone remember when players used to get over the gain line?