🏉 Six Nations 2019


Meh, couldn’t resist winding @Cobham-Saint up just a little bit.

After yesterdays “humiliation” of the :engerland: by the :walesisntit: is it :walesisntit:'s title to lose?

They have games against :scotchland: and then :ireland:

:engerland: have :it: and then :scotchland:

Will @Llwybr-Cyhoeddus be crowing in 3 weeks time??


Italy are currently 16-12 up against the Irish, the last time they won in the Six nations was against, you guessed it, the Irish at home!!




I resemble that remark :rofl:

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The Welsh deserved that win. We didn’t play badly, but the backs never got their game together. Oh well, small margins and allthat. Was still a very enjoyable game and good luck to the Welsh with their grand slam ambitions.

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Scotland 11 Wales 18

England currently 7-0 up against Italy


England 36-7 up against Italy


Is that good? I have absolutely no idea :lou_wink_2:


Against italy prettty average but the Italians have just got another try so 36 -14 which is not so good


One of my admin bods Cheltenham born and bred (with the most Italian name you could think of with a Gloucester accent) played for Italy in a friendly. Turned up at a training session in Spaghetti land to watch and got drafted. He’s been dining out on it for years.


Try for England 43-14

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How should I try Engerland for said numbers. It does not compute- likewise that other game where you chuck balls at sticks and have incomprehensible rules and too many points…



And another 48-14


Converted as well 50-14


57-14, another simple try after another charge down


I see Gatland had a meltdown of Keeganesque proportions when Eddie Jones said that Wales were tiring.

Will be an interesting weekend, shame the games aren’t all played at the same time…


More mind games from the Welsh and Irish


Not crowing just yet, but I am warming the cock up.


England managing to fuck it up at the momemt

Why do Scotland have Burple Pricks written on the back of there shirts?