🔈 Site announcement: Things what we think you should know

:speaker: Site announcement: Things what we think you should know


I’m android and chrome on all my devices and I don’t have any problems. Sounds like it’s a phone setting ? CD


Ok. If you want to go to the latest bit of the thread click on the 2 numbers at bottom of screen and it asks you where you want to jump to bottom left. Click on there and you can type in the number.

Don’t know if that’s what will help?


Ta, interpreting ‘click’ as ‘short tap’, my banana fingers have finally understood!


We don’t do that. Thanks to GDPR, we do have an option for users to be forgotten. This is your admin team rehearsing for the next request.


Yeah, @Fatso had your number - troublemaker.

Glad it’s sorted. Thanks @Intiniki for the support work.


You are welcome. Obviously my 4 months in an IT call centre helped.


@Map-Of-Tasmania has requested that his account be disabled as he no longer wishes to post here.

Map asked me not to make a big deal of this and, as I couldn’t convince him to stay, I’ve reluctantly suspended his account. FYI he can no longer receive PMs - again at his request.

I hope one day he’ll be back and I’m sure other posters here would feel the same. We’re poorer for him moving on.



Blimey, thats a bit out of the blue


Whilst fully respecting everybody’s right to have their accounts disabled/deleted - wouldn’t it be simpler to just not log on anymore?


Well yeah. That would be not making a big thing of it.


That’s really disappointing - he’s a great poster and adds a lot of knowledge and perspective to threads that others can’t seem to.

Sad times…


Another poster murdered by the evil of Brexit



Public seppuku, more like.


I don’t know why we just can’t call each other cunts and get on with it.


Google stops us


Most of us can, @Goatboy. Most of us can.

If you can’t, do what @Smiler says and stop posting.

We’ll always honour our statutory requirements and allow people to be forgotten or whatever, but it’s never going to look great, or not be a big thing, if toys are ejected from the perambulator because people, near certain that the site won’t survive without them, leave in the near certainty that the site will collapse after their departure.

Never works out that way, oddly enough.


Maybe the annoucemet he’s left makes it look more of a thing than it is? If you can just silently slip away (like being unfriended on Facebook) we may notice after a bit. Think “Oh well that’s a shame” then get on with our lives.
It’s important we can be forgotten if we want to.


Who are you again?


Not sure these days.


Woman of mystery. nice :lou_wink_2: