🔈 Site announcement: Things that we think you should know


This thread is for things that we feel it is important to share…

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First off, if the mods so elect, we can look at (drum roll) who downvoted whom.

Everyone can already see upvotes. Bletch has been going on about needing downvotes to moderate, so I produced a rather bitching report for him.

Amazed I had it in me, tbh. I’m no Steveweb calibre of web developer :lou_smiley:

Makes no odds to me as I only downvote Bletch.


Just to interpret pap’s prattlings…

I now have a spreadsheet which shows me all the votes ever on Sotonians - up- as well as downvotes.

This means that, should I wish, I can see which one of you bastards downvoted me - or anyone else for that matter.

We’d previously stated that we didn’t know who downvoted who, we said it was anonymous. This was the case and will continue to be the case for the wider membership*. However, now moderators can, if they so wish, see this information.

The spreadsheet won’t be used to look at individual votes. Instead, I will aggregate the data to look at the number of downvotes that an individual poster receives on a given thread.

*£50 via PayPal will get you a copy of this report.


bletch joined the KKK this year and is secretly trying to turn Sotonians into a haven of white power.

Originally posted by @pap

bletch joined the KKK this year and is secretly trying to turn Sotonians into a haven of white power.

As opposed to a haven of white powder?


Clean Bandit are utter fucking turd

**I may have been in the pub since 12. Soz.


Ooooh I like this game…

I’m considering integrating Google search into the site. The current search facility is shit.

Google is fast, but it will display ads at the top of the results; we’re not making any dosh from it. Just their cost of doing business.

Any objections?

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So you’ll only see ads if you use the search function?

We’ll still be otherwise ad-free, right?

And I guess if you’ve got a clever enough ad blocked in your browser you might not see ads at all.

No complaints from me

Yeah, peeps with ad blockers won’t see them.

Also, I’ve just found out that we could make money from them. But only from people that don’t run blockers.

Catch 22, and let’s be honest here does anyone actually click on ads anywhere?? Apart from accidentally?

Fuck it. We’ll give it a trial.


I only click on the dating sites and Penis enlargement ads


TBH Google ads is money for nothing. I used to have it on my website and only viewable if you weren’t signed in, which is fair enough. Casual browsers see the ads, those who sign in and contribute to the site content don’t see the ads.

The foot-fall on my site was probably 100 visits a day but it still raked in around £60 a quarter which paid for the hosting and more. Nobody would criticise you if you had ads to pay for running costs.

So this entire thread has been to announce to us quietly, that Pap is now on the make from this site and plans weekly Curry Nights in scousehampton.


Soon to be found at England away games :lou_sunglasses: