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:speaker: Site announcement: Things what we think you should know


i suggest we delete all these posts before beltch sees them, bt, cos he will be non-sufferable!


i change car every 6-8 weeks srs cos of weird arrangement we have with Hire Company, it’s a fkn nightmare srs


I do this too due to DNA evidence arrangement with local plod.

I can still remember which side the cap is on!


BK have a pool of cars for their fry cooks? I suppose it gets you between the restaurants quicker.


don’t start on me! It’s not my fault you can’t understand simple petrol cap instructions!


Beltch is about to be insufferable…

Oy my God.

Oh my funning God.

Is @btripz seriously looking for the handle of the petrol pump?

What a complete @barry-sanchez @btripz he’s as thick as @tokyo-saint .

It’s the arrow.

It’s the mfunning arrow you @fowllyd .


This is worse than that time when @barry-sanchez met @pap .


I love that “just robbed a new car” look you get when you can find neither the fuel release nor the filler cap.


Not enough people know this amusingly, but in typical arse-backwards fashion, our colonial cousins have green pumps for diesel, and black pumps for petrol.

I’ve heard multiple stories of people filling up with the wrong fuel. One director I knew chalked it up as an “on the job training expense”.


Says a man who has never rented a car…



Rejoice, @cb-saint and other mobile users. You can now mention people too.

The editor now has an @ sign icon. Press that, then choose a Sotonian from the drop down.

Note: it’s a double drop-down. **Hold ** the top menu you want to reveal a list of posters.


Test @pap


Test back at you @pap


Test back at you , @btripz .

PS I’m still waiting for a) a picture of your fuel gauge, b) a grovelling apology for calling me names* or c) a blow job**.

*whilst it has been proven that sticks and stones do, indeed, occasionally cause fractures, names can hurt too.

**EDIT. Let’s just pretend I knew this wasn’t a PM and let’s just pretend that this is matey banter. Cough. See that Bear’s game last week? Cough. Hellova game! Cough.


Get the plug in but can’t scroll names @pap

Had to chose none, delete and then fill in after the @.

Is there a problem, or do i need a child to explain things(again)?


Select the Sotonian list (the bit that says None by default).

When you do that, a sub-menu will pop up. To the right of each menu should be an arrow. Click the arrow and a list of usernames should show up.

Btw, just fixed an issue with the notifications.


Sorry boys and girls, just testing.

@pap is this thing even notifying yet?


@saintbletch why are you getting upset about being called names, you should be used to it by now!!!



Yay I’m finally able to @ people on my mobile…

My life is complete…


I think that the notification thing is actually working now too :lou_sunglasses:

Also, I’ve put dates on your full notifications page, as per @saintbletch 's request.