⚽ 🛵 🏉 Sir Clive anyone?

Interesting article in which we obviously get a mention, but shows maybe how attitudes have evolved a little. In our situation, I suspect it was more ‘Harry not consulted’ and Lowe just bringing in SCW that caused Harry to joke about it all in the media and not give it a chance, but I suspect more are much less cynical towards non-football experts being part of a strategic set up?

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Can I suggest that we turn this into a thread on Sir Clive Sinclair?

Look at him go there!



Of course they should - The original Sky cycling team hired Tim Kerrison, a swimming performance coach, who looked at the sport through fresh eyes and the changed he implemented are pretty much copied across the entire peloton

He wouldn’t even outpace vestergaard in that.


The funniest thing about the C5 is it could have been a commercial success. Sir Clive Sinclair just had to flog it rich peeps with big gardens.

It was the idea that people would travel to work on Britain’s highways with Britain’s weather that people didn’t buy.

I remember wanting one because it looked a bit like the sidecar form M.A.S.K.


Edit: I should probably add I was only about 8 at the time.