Should the rich pay for your kid's free lunch?

New policy announced by Labour.

All primary school kids to get a free school meal.

The initiative will be funded by applying VAT to independent school fees.

I think it’s a clever bit of policy. It’ll do genuine good to those kids that get fed, and the means of payment sends out the right ideological message.

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yes, good policy and I agree whole heartedly

Seems like a good idea.

While they are at it they should overhaul the Charities Commission that allows private schools to have charitable status and all the tax breaks that come with it. Or, let state schools do the same…


Will this encourage people who can’t afford them to have more children?



As a headline the maths works but scratch beneath the surface and then I think the questions start to crop up. If you stripped charitable status and / or vat on fees, I suspect a good number of school will go out of business (a lot of parents will not be able to afford the fee hike). If that happens then surely those kids would be returned into the state system therefore destroying any saving made in the first place

I thought that was the purpose of the welfare state.

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The fact that Labour have had to suggest this policy tells you everything you need to know about the shafting that the Tories have given schools. The sooner teachers strike over funding cuts the better. If you’re a parent of a primary/secondary age kids you should be fucking worried about the education your kids are going to get over the next few years.


Better ways to spend money raised by VAT increase?

This guy’s describing any number of schools (including mine) all over the country, btw:

We won’t be teaching kids Drama or various DT offshoots from September.

Only until they finish primary school and they have to feed the kids themselves. Then they’ll hand 'em over to social services and start all over again.



Its very easy to think of parents who send chilren to independent schools as ‘rich’ - but how do you define that? There is a fucking big difference between the very small numbers who dont bat an eyelid at spending 10 -20 k a year versus those who make major sacrafices to spend the money on their kids education rather than on any thing else. They/we are already taxed in that respect in that we still pay full tax towards state education yet do not benefit from it - which I have no issue with. I also believ ethat its a basic right of all kids to get a good and decent education, but free meals should be for those who need it, not just everyone…

This is just pathetic school kid socialism bollocks from the §rick for The Young Ones school of politics - ‘How dare anyone earn enough to have choice over their kids education?’ Fact is, I pay more tax in as a result which I am happy to do, its fair, but all of Mrs Ferrets and a chunk of mine is needed to fund schooling - a choice we are happy to make, but struggle with but it would not be possible if it was another 20% on top… Comrade Corbyn could fund free school meals from existing revenues if he choose to… but its easy to bash the ‘rich’ …Fuck off Corbyn, I have a fucking social concience and and happy to pay higher rate tax, but as I am already paying more than many, so why should I pay even more VAT for a choice? - that is what Thatcher did to gain popularity sticking VAT on everything and escalting duties on fags and beer to fuck off to yet hood wink the poor into believing they were better off with lower income tax rates…

Its a fucking easy cop out because nothing gets folks more rattled than others earning more. Education standards should be higher for ALL in state educatuion and if the Government had the will and tehe mentality to spend on what is needed it could do so.

I happily pay higher rate tax. I want this to be spent appropriately to ensure no child is hungry, sick or poorly educated - instead its wasted on shit like fucking cost of brexit, trident, and fucking government trips to Saudi to suck up to cuntish human rights abusers…


Given my spelig its fcukimg obvious I wnet to state skool


Calm down chuts, it’s a labour policy. Ur not in any danger. Just more extracts from corbyn’s dream diary, he may as well scrawl them on toilet walls, for all the good it will do.



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I am from humble scum stock Bear… stock that for years was fucked in the arse by big bad Tory boss bears… so I have big Fish and chips on shoulders, so many in fact they is carried in a big fuck off Karrimor Rucksac and is enough to feed all tehe wee school children chips at lunch for free for a thousand fucking years so they is so fat and unhealthy that they dont live beyond 60 and so redress the the pension deficit - see I am arch tory cunt obvious


It is a curious state of arrairs. Corbyn was on the news just now saying about this policy, and banging on that 50% of schoolkids are starving to death, or whatever it was, and then I hopped channel, and Jamie Oliver was banging on that 50% of schoolkids are obese. There must be some way to square that circle srs,


Feed the fat chip eating poor kids to the skinny no food at home cos mummy spent it all on fags and Vodka and Sky and 280 inches of samsungs finest to watch Kardashifuckunts poor… obvious

(Chutters - Tory cunt in all of us)

No, not at all, as a socialist I want a fair and equal society not a forced one via taking from the rich to give to the poor, that only highlights the issues in our society.

How does Sweden do so well? Higher taxes for all, a simpler system we all pay into and we can all see the benefits, not a politcal ideology, that idea is simplistic and brainless.

I almost upvoted you then Barry, but then remembered the price of alcohol in Sweden.

The UK wouldn’t stand (stagger?) for it