Should Reggie Yates have resigned?

Should Reggie Yates have resigned?


Reggie Yates (no, I’d never heard of him either) has resigned from Top of the Pops presenting duties following remarks he made in a recent interview.

Commenting on the way barriers to entry are disappearing in the music industry, he remarked that a a new generation of singers are “independent, they’re not managed by some random fat Jewish guy from north west London”

Following a media furore, Yates has resigned under pressure, citing his remarks as “ill-considered”.

Should Reggie Yates have resigned?

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Yes, there is no place for sizeism in music management today.


Some perspective.


Should he have resigned? Nope…a sorry would have been sufficient.


I saw this earlier and wondered why he had resigned. It’s silly. He hasn’t got anything to apologise for either.


What’s wrong with north-west London…?


So, is Top of the Pops even a real thing any more? I thought all the kiddie- fiddler DJs had been rounded up and bunged in the slammer and it was no more


Its North

Its West

Its London

Any more you need @cobham-saint ?


Was only asking for a friend…


Alright, so let me have some semblance of tiptoeing over this very fragile eggshell walkway.

There are a few issues for me here. First, I agree with @fatso . I do not believe that Reggie Yates has anything to apologise for.

What is the problem with saying that Jewish dudes have been successful in the music industry? Brian Epstein propelled the Beatles from skiffle outfit to fucking world beaters. David Geffen unleashed Guns and Roses unto this world, pulled Aerosmith out of their nose bags and back into relevance. If not for these dudes, the music industry might have been a lot less interesting.

If he’d have said “fat Irish manager” his comments would just be a footnote, lightly protested by a couple of people that had gotten offended. He would not be facing pressure to resign. This thread would not exist.

The real irony for me is that it is not Reggie Yates that has created this issue; it’s the reaction.

We are all subject to stereotyping by others. We Brits are routinely characterised as thuggish, arrogant, reserved, polite, sexually repressed, sexually deviant, crooked mouthed, imperialist bastards or any combination of the above. Why aren’t we demanding that anyone suggesting those things is immediately sacked?

I would suggest it’s because we’re one of the oldest continuous civilisations on the planet, and as such, we’re a bit more capable of self-assessment. It took just 20 years for highly critical accounts of British conduct in the Second World War to emerge, with the likes of AJP Taylor damning Dresden as a crime against humanity.

We were able, recently, to look hard enough into ourselves to realise that our approach to solving the Troubles in Northern Ireland had utterly failed.

All of us own Empire in some way. We’re all too aware that some of our ancestors were, in our context, proper cunts. I find it impossible to walk around London or Liverpool without being minded of where a lot of that opulence came from.

The new nations of this world do not have this, and I’m not singling Israel out for this. I consider the US to be toddlers with shotguns, especially after the ascension of Trump. I think post-defeat France is a fundamentally different entity to the Republics that preceded it, as is Germany, steroid pumped full of investment cash because the US didn’t want it going Commie.

I don’t know why we listen to them.


Regie needs to know … its how it starts


He more seems to be saying that Jewish managers are a Problem in the music industry.


I think you have to make a lot of worst case scenario leaps to find yourself landing on that particular plinth.

Depressingly, there are loads of people ready to jump to conclusions.


Dont think he needed to resign, but he was a bit shit with his choice of words. sentence structure and ‘unnecessary’ use of the word ‘Jewish’ - There are probably some right cuntish managers in the mucic industry, but the fact their religion is irrelevent to them being cunts is what he should have said.


If you say so chief. The only thing I know of the matter is what you posted. I do remember Reggie Yates though, I know who he is and I always thought he was Wack.


Is there a Top Trumps Virtue Signal Edition?


I should think so! I decided to Not Mention Though cos it’s a Whole Can Of Worms!


I am most shocked that Top of the Pops is still a thing. Is it the same as before? Miming and borderline underage blowjobs after the show?


You’re too old to get an audience ticket now Tokes.


I don’t want to be in the audience, I want to be the fat Jewish guy who runs the show.