Should hyperlinks open in a new tab/window by default

As the title says, should links by default open in a new tab/window? Can’t be that hard to change the insert/edit link dialogue so that the defaul target is ‘New Window’

If this carries on I won’t be renewing my £5 recurring paypal subscription

  • Fk you guise
  • No, Pap is right, we’re all a bunch of lazy feckers, right clicking is the way forward
  • Nope, but I’ll be more proactive when I post a link and change the target option
  • Yes, FFS hyperlinks should open in a new tab/window, it’s called being User Friendly

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Yes, as I mostly use this site from a phone it makes it much easier to use.

I remain convinced that you all need to bone up, and that you’re not really thinking this through.

I’ll let democracy reign if it goes that way, but don’t come pissing your pants asking for it to be changed back when you’re miffed at having to close 57 browser tabs on a mobile device that is spluttering to death because of this decision :lou_sad:

A critical moment for democracy. I spent 5yrs or whatever on Saintsweb and made numerous site suggestions for improvements that could betterment mankind. I never once got a response from the fiver overlords. All that happened, was stevegrant kept deleting my valuable suggestion threads RIP


You cant right click an apple

or I cant right click an Apple

papster, we need to make a stand.

I don’t think we should be bound by the result of this vote.

It’s advisory anyway.

The voters don’t understand the question and lies are being spread by those wanting the change.

Plus, I believe our vote is being split by the presence of 1) Fk you giuse , 2) No, Pap is right, we’re all a bunch of lazy feckers, right clicking is the way forward and 3) Nope, but I’ll be more proactive when I post a link and change the target option all being on the ballot.


I am pretty sure your site improvements were for a free tart every other post paid for by the curry fund :lou_lol:


Lot of posters only signed up to back BTripz on this critical issue, if you try and leave him off the ballot, we will see you in court srs.


The yes vote curently has 5 votes against 3 votes total for the other no options, still a majority in my opinion and not one that merits PR!!

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Start calling our postal voters, bletch.


6 to 3 now, can’t tell easily as the numbers aren’t shown in the poll

Are we over 52% yet

Theres loads more people turning up to the one click rally than the right click rally. Even if you try and give away free ice cream we will kick your arse.

Next if will be some sob story about a brick being lobbed through Bletch’s window


I heard that Bletch had already had his back door beaten in.


The one-click rally

Originally posted by @PhilippineSaint

Are we over 52% yet

66.6% and counting, the people are unhappy with the forum’s diktat

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I’m not really happy with people being disenfranchised through the majority consensus.

I reckon that when the votes end, I write something that randomises whether you open in a new or same tab.

So if we end up at 70% saying yes, 70% of all link clicks will randomly go to new tab. 20% go same tab. Fk you guise redirects you to a NSFW link selected at random, set to autoplay porn noise loudly.

No opinion left behind! True democracy! Reject the majority consensus and go random!

(bletch, can you get our right clicking comrades to get me out of this place please? It’s looking nasty out there. Even the ice cream man looks angry, and we’ve just sorted him out with perhaps six, seven pounds)


You could please Bearsy by detecting it’s his account clicking and redirect him to some random porn site all the time


Does not help when this idiot clicked the wrong one! Stupid apple device!


That would work for me as well as it appens

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