Should Albion Towers go red and white?

ONE of Southampton’s tallest tower blocks could be decorated in Saints’ red and white stripes.

The city council’s housing team want to change the appearance of Albion Towers in Golden Grove.

However the council’s planning department has objected to the plans, saying that the red and white stripes would be “visually intrusive” and have a “harmful impact on the city’s skyline”.

    1. No. We don’t want a giant butcher’s apron in the middle of our city.
    1. Yeah. It’s a good tie in with the club.
    1. Yeah. It can’t look any worse.
    1. Don’t care.

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I voted no. It’s not in anyway ‘my city’, I just think it would look fucking terrible.

I don’t know. Depends on how much money they spend on it, I s’pose. If there is any interest in the concept in the abstract, we’ll get several design proposals.

Does it have to be as shit or uninspiring as the Echo’s bollocks?

Here’s my try as non-designer.

Yet again stiffs want to have no talking point regarding the City, its so fucking bland and around that area could do with something, the walk to the City is shite as is the walk to St Denys station, more va va voom and less stiffs.

who are the stiffs in this scenario b?

The allegro drivers who want a bland City, one like it is now.

Give us an actual name not just a broad statement that means Jack Schitt

Ah, is that where it is, then may I change my vote to option 1


i think he means the Town Planner bros who said no tks. Not sure where Allegros come into it tho.

It would look pretty awful. They just need to make it look nice. Maybe use some of the cash to make it nice inside for people who live in it. Anyone been in Albino Towers recently? Over a year sInce I have.

Barry what architecture do you think would be good and not bland?

I think it’s probably 20 years since I’ve seen an Allegro on the road.

Presumably, this powerful voting bloc has cloaking technology, like the Klingons.

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Yeah, do something interesting with it - the block can’t look much uglier than it does now.

But probably not the straight stripes.

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An equivalent to the angel of the North, that skate tower or spire of Dublin, something anything as what we have now is well nothing and for a City of our size its rather crap to say the least.

I’d go for the xerox kit.

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I love Allegros.

Black to red gradient without the need for any iconography would do the trick, in my humble opinion. A more subtle take but would still stand out.

… but what if we go back to “the Sash” ???

I owned an orange squatting toad once, true story! Water pump went on it which meant that the engine didn’t stop when you switched the ignition off.

Diagonal shading from top left to bottom right!!

Didnt they talk about painting the gas cylinder in red and white only to ditch the idea because the red paint has a tendancy to fade to pink?