Sexy Scientists makes girls cry - KRG to the forum plse

Being bottom of the league and in the relegation zone with goat boy, I’ve got to up my game. I can either post some stuff about how I love everyone and get likes off Lou and bear or troll KRG with some sexist stuff and have a bit of a serious discussion. Option 1 isn’t an option so… This is it.

Nobel prize winner Tim Hunt told a room full of high-ranking scientists and science journalists Wednesday that the trouble with “girls” working in science is that “three things happen when they are in the lab … You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you and when you criticize them, they cry.”

Hunt, who was speaking at the World Conference of Science Journalists in the South Korean capital, Seoul, went on to say that scientists should work in gender-segregated labs, adding that he hoped not “to stand in the way of women,” the Guardian reports.

Hunt, 72, won the 2001 Nobel prize in physiology and medicine for his work on protein molecules and their role in cell division. He was knighted in 2006.

The guy – a noble prize winning genius type was just trying to have a joke. He is married to a female scientist professor type and apparently has made girls cry in the lab by having a go at them. Twitter went a bit mental at him and he has now had to quit his job at the uni.

What do you think? PC gone mad or fair enough as he shouldn’t have made the joke?


I don’t think he was having joke, I think we should trust him as a science man that he has done all the approriate research + reached a valid conclusion.

He’s prob right also cos when there is girls at my work i always want to bang them + they not so often but i.e. sometimes want to bang me. And it is also true that when I shout at a bro at work he tells me to F.O., but when I shout at girl at work she v.often will i.e. cry.

I am not a science man tho, maybe it is different in i.e the food service industry.


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ok no problem tokyos, i will delete my comment

To be fair to him, it has to be tough to write comic matterial for ‘The World Conference of Science Journalists in the South Korean capital of Seoul’. This would really be a struggle. Tough crowd!

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Didn’t sound like a joke to me. Fair point about the babes crying a lot too. They do it all the time around me. I fall in love with them ask them if they want to bang, then it’s all tears for the rest of the day!

It’s not like he said ladle scientists were shit at science though, and if a ladle scientist doesn’t feel she can do her job properly just because some guy is waving his cock around…Maybe segregation will help find a cure for cancer quicker?

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I’m not at all sure what I think about this, Tokes.

But, having just looked at the league table, what I am sure about is that I love every one of you very very much.


Thanks for the like Bletch, Just 1 point off Halo and 12 off relagation to saints web safety zone and Goat. Keep them coming.

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Thanks for bringing this up Tokyo, I think a really interesting debate.

I actually feel sorry for the guy - he’s from an older generation that’s a bit stuck in the past. He made a joke, if he made the joke on here, I wouldn’t have taken it seriously. The big scale humiliation he’s received off the back of it, is very very harsh.

However, dumb jokes like this, steeped in real perceptions, are a big issue. Women don’t progress in science the way they should. There are genuine barriers to this, and this stance (it was a joke, but he also said he was being honest) coming from someone in a position of authority is perpetuating this nonsense point of view.

Is it a nonsense view point? yes of course it is. I’ve cried lots of times in the workplace. Effing humiliating I’ll give you that, but I get upset when I’m really passionate about something, have put a lot of effort into it, and am frustrated. I cry, others get angry. They’re both uncomfortable emotions for some people, but then people who lack any emotion, is uncomfortable for me. I always suspect they don’t give a shit.

His comments around falling in love with women, were pretty dopey. The obvious outcome from that issue would be to ban men from the workplace if they can’t control themselves, rather than women.

Anyway, complex debate, and this is a bit rushed, sorry!


Well, I’m not even in the league this week!! I blame Lou for insisting that I only talk about lady’s cocks. :scream:

Interesting stuff Lou. I didn’t read most of it but can I just say, I have always though you were a superb poster with eyes as blue as the ocean and as wide as the sea?


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Crap that, just read your post Lou.

Why did you cry sexy eyes?

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I think pap is in negotiation with The Man about a playoff between their best poster and our Toke, I mean worst.

The discussions have stalled because Steve wants everybody on papsweb to pay a fiver, and pap has insisted in sending his counter-offers embedded in Batman comic strips.



FACT: It was the banning of women from Steven Flemming’s labratory in 1928, that directly led him to discover penicillin in an unwashed beaker.


True, but it was the fact that women were in the lab in the first place that led to the burning need for penicillin.


Nice try. D-

Eve: Taste this apple

Adam: In the persuance of the scientific method, I will taste this apple and then deliver my conclusions.

Eve: How was it for you?

Adam: It tasted like an apple

Eve: So what is your conclusion?

Adam: Tasting that apple will destroy our innocence and commit us to a life of sin for all time

Eve: What? It was just a fucking apple!!

Adam: Look, who is the fucking scientist here? I just made a an hypothesis. go out and test it. I guarantee we are fucked now for all time.

Eve: OK, Our offspring will go out and multiply. What could go wrong with incest?

Adam: Is my daughter mature yet?

Eve: I"m not sure where this is going. Is this just another of those athiest rants by Ohio?

Adam. Yeah, probably. Let’s just roll with it.

Ohio: Adam, You didn’t east that fucking apple did you? Dammit!! Now women will be crying for eternity!


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Less than half of them were distractingly sexy KRG.

BoJo is in the press for defending Tim Hunt’s comments.

Women cry more readily in the workplace, apparently.