Sendings-off and bat restrictions planned after MCC world committee meeting

As it says on the tin, a recent meeting of the MCC World Committee proposed sending offs (for serious foul play) and restricting the size of bats.

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For me the bat size restrictions don’t go far enough, the should also restrict the weight of the bats.

Sledging is part of the game, its as mental as its skillful, and they won’t stop murmurs or innuendos, its pretty much self policed and people know when tis gone too far by the reactions of the players.

Sledging needs control and I believe it has it in the main, so I’m not sure what the point of this is.

Ditto with bats, they seem regulated - I haven’t seen Dennis Lillee wandering around with a lump of aluminium for a while now.

Dash it all…just doesn’t go far enough. The reintroduction of Gentlemen and Players will see fair play prevail in the game doncha know.

Sledging is out of order and has no place in a “gentleman’s game.”

Sorry, link was broken for some reason, fixed now.

Nothing to do with sledging, it appears that at the lower levels of the game there has been some violence :-

When would players be ejected?

According to the proposed new law, agreed at the world cricket committee’s meeting in Mumbai, players will be dismissed for:

  • threatening an umpire
  • physically assaulting another player, umpire, official or spectator
  • any other act of violence on the field of play

Wait, so at the moment you can chin the ref and there’s nothing he can do about it? I should’ve been cricketer srs