😕 ✉ Sending an email, the times of sending and arrival

Does it round up after 31 seconds to the next minute or will it only do that at 00 as I am sending stuff and its putting it to the next minute, is this correct?
I need to send something you see bang on a 00-00 and no a delayed send is total wank and sends it when it can be arsed.

Think you’ll be better off renting Chambers off @lifeintheslowlane and have him press the send button.
Much more reliable than tech


This is one for Papaerooney I feel, his knowledge in this mysticism and sorcery will enlighten us all.

Why don’t you send it and specify not to be delivered until the specific time you want i.e. use the instruction “do not deliver before… “. or have I missed the point of why you are trying to say/o?

Because they’re never at an exact time, they’re late, always late, lets say it needs to be there at 1300, could I send it there at 12-59 and 45 seconds and will it show as 1300? If so happy days, it can’t show 12-59 at all.

This all sounds very fishy :face_with_monocle:


Actually its all rather dull, I just want to be ahead of the pack.

Can’t see any reason why it would be an issue.

Have no other suggestions

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He is debt collecting again and cannot send the demand early at all, but wants to show he is on the ball and within his rights to demand payment.

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Midnight is a terrible time to plan anything.

I believe the US military swerve it for mission start times because it’s ambiguous.

Are you suggesting that Barry is involved in covert operations for the US military? :rage:

If that were true he’d be forever banging on about Russian aggression. :thinking:

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I always saw Barry as being more likely to be involved with the hidden Nazis in South America.

Ask him about his buff mate Hans.

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Did you mean his mate Hans in the buff?

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You think he has a cunning plan?

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Barry’s more likely to be Hans in the till.


Actually that movie always makes me think of the Johnson family.

Stanley was the first!

You’ll have to ask Barry. His in-laws are clouded in secrecy and he has a South American German mate called Hans.

Personally, I think they’re all in the Nazi bullion smuggling business. It would account for @Barry-Sanchez’s copious free time.

I’m rather disappointed that you don’t think he’s mass-producing Hitlers in Rio. :frowning:

Who says I don’t? :smiley:

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