Semi-final drinks

Who’s in? I’ve got the day off work so won’t have to rely on SW Trains out of Waterloo. I could get down reasonably early

Stable - for the decent food - or Rockstone as usual?

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On the match day thread the Rockstone was mooted and voted on by commitee…

Ah - fine - am trying not to read anything about football at the moment - it’s too depressing on here, so God know’s what it’s like on Steveweb

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We aren’t depresssive on here

I am listening to the pogues drinking whisky and removed sharp objects

nothing to see here.

Really, wow! Maybe we do need the Bazza ignore function…

The second leg of this is on tomorrow.

Arkles? Or somewhere else?

Where’s decent in town up there? I’ll be alighting at Lime St at about 4.30. Proper ale…please


Flat Iron is neutral but they’ll be rammed, Liverpool haven’t sold all their allocation as far as I know.

Ship and Mitre all the way for you then, have a look, great pub and theres few along that road that are good.

You’re supposed to bring everyone together not send them all to different fucking places.



Bespoke Liverpool visits ha ha!

I meant that as Mr Kid wanted real ale, I’ll gladly meet him for a pint if I’m in town.

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Need to wait in town for another arrival before heading to game. I’ll have a look at the aforementioned. If it’s possible to do 3 or 4 pubs working my way from town to ground that’ll suit me fine.

Anyone watching it at a pub in London? I came into work an hour early just so I can get out before it starts

You got in a hour earlier today? You do know the game is on tomorrow don’t you (I just had to check that to make sure)?

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Divisive as ever…


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Yeah, but I’m going out for drinks tonight so didn’t want to be up early if I’m hanging

I’ll be in town from 1530 ish tomorrow, will be happy to meet anyone for a pint, open to suggestions? Ale house not a shag.


I’ll be headed to the ship and mitre Baz, probs be there around 3ish :lou_smiley:

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