Selling a Product For Charidee

What’s the best way to take money off people for a product I’m making. The proceeds are going to a registered charitable trust but I have to stump up the cash to have it made so I want to cover my costs before I send on the profits to the beneficiary. There are so many ways to pay online nowadays I want to pick one that’s not going to take a rare-off too.

Any ideas.

Tell them it will make their dick 12 inches long


I’m hoping the product will sell itself without infringing the Trades Descriptions Act.

What if I don’t want it shortened? :thinking:

I thought your girlfriend had to text you when you got in?
I think you’re telling porkies.

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Both lines were invented for comedy effect. I’ve been meaning to break this to you for some time, but I am in fact female.

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Which takes nothing away from “my girlfriend tells me to text her when its in.”


Definitely a cunt



Nobody likes a smartarse. :unamused: :smile: :smile:

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