Sell Shane Long in January

Sell Shane Long in January


Popped over to the other place for the first time in weeks. Major thread on there arguing that we should sell Long in January (as he contributes so little); raise £6m or so; then spend a lot more on a better striker (who is happy to sit on the bench, naturally). :lou_facepalm_2: :lou_facepalm_2:


Sounds like a plan, can we swap Gaston for Aguero too?


Umm, surely to sell someone someone else has to be interested first??


Good plan all around. We are overflowing with players who can score, or create, or give defenders problems, who are also happy to not start often. Once Jay is fit, he can sod off too.


To whom? To be replaced by whom? Which instant-impact world-beater can we sign for £6m?

Saintsweb in ‘not thinking things through’ shocker.


I was under the impression he scores every time he comes on!

(ok that might be a slight exaggeration).


Shane will never live down his price tag sadly. Decent player to have in the squad.