Secret Southampton!

Secret Southampton!


Episode 1


WTF is this?


I appreciate the effort. I do, honest! I can see how it come about too, you know, Hugo Scheckter cuddled up on the sofa with his boyfriend, bottle of proseco, watching Stranger Things on Netfix. “You should do one of them at work, Hugo baby.”

“One of what?”

“One of them pastiche vids, but do it like Stranger Things. It’s bang on trend, my darling!”

I understand, honest I do. I like that they’e trying things! Keeping it fresh! I only ask, maybe, when something doesn’t work, like this video, or the My Way song, don’t subject me to it. Drop it in the trash. No harm done.


Worryingly, Episode 1 implies there are more to come :lou_surprised:


Short, bearded, conspiracy theorist with an unhealthy interest in SFC?

It’s a @pap biopic.



Who fired Dr Barry Gale?

Heartless bastards.


Wow… whoever came up with that idea and subsequently created that video has definitely got the easiest, most pointless job in the world. If they didn’t turn up for work for a month, would anybody even notice?

I’m fucking jealous.



Episode 1 is always the scene setter…Episode 2 will be the killer episode. :lou_lol:



Oh dear.

I didn’t mind ep1 so much, but this second one, despite being half the length of the 1st episode is twice as worse.


‘‘I’ll be your daddy’’



Ther dont make 'em like this any more… with Bontempi organ theme tune …does show Stokesas off side though :lou_is_a_flirt:


Hey I get this.

Secret Attack plans - so secret they don’t let our players see them.

Clearly as we see each week with Tadic our players can’t Act.

And we finally see why we are paying Taylor so much each week. What a tea carrying technique


This is all a bit embarrassing. Have we changed media team or something? Nowhere near the Barry Gale level. This new guy has spent way too much time with Ricky Gervais. It actually made me cringe.


You bunch of miserable bastards, ever think this might be aimed at the younger age group of SFC fans? You know, the little kiddy fans? The stupid ones? Miserable fucks.


You could be right. Well spotted.

It does bear many similarities to the humour of The Night Garden.


I think gavstar’s hit the nail on the head, these vids aren’t aimed at fat old keyboard warriors on obscure football forums, they’re aimed at young skinny keyboard warriors who think they could nutmeg Messi in real life because they’re good at FIFA.

I did laugh at the paygrade joke though.


What about the fat old keyboard warriors on obscure football forums, who think they could nutmeg Messi in real life because they’re good at FIFA (well maybe not the last bit)

An ignored demographic - rampant wholesale discrimination. I demand my right to be offended, like everyone seems to do these days!




I think this is the watershed moment when I finally realise I’m past it (I’ve been past it for a while, but jsut never realised it).

I just don’t think these latest offerings are any good… :lou_sad: