Secret 7 exhibition, London

Secret 7 exhibition, London


So I went to the preview night of Secret 7 tonight down in Hipster Heaven (Shoreditch). I went last year to it in Summerset House too.

Premise is that seven tracks from some well known musicians, then each song is pressed 100 times to 7” vinyl. Then they invite creatives from around the world to interpret the tracks in their own style for every 7”. There are 700 sleeves which are on show for a bit then can be bought at £50 a pop. Money goes to charity.

The secret is you don’t know who created the sleeve or which song you have. I know who designed 3 of the sleeves this year and could hazard a guess at quite a few of the songs as they’re blatantly on the sleeve (Imagine John Lennon - loads of spectacles on sleeves). But you could end up with a piece of art. Check it out if you are around that way :slight_smile:


Some really creative work there Intiniki. I sure can’t afford to splash £50 on one myself, but there are some quality designs there, and the concept itself sounds very innovative.

I imagine my cousin would love this sort of thing. I’ll pass on the link, cheers.


Looks cool.



I think the biggest loss with the departure of vinyl is the artwork.


Yeah I am not sure I would slash out on £50 for one either. But it’s great to see all the innovative art work.


Agreed about artwork, there is little joy in downloading an album in comparison to picking it up and checking out the sleeve.

Not progress.


I picked up several old musical LPs as I love their covers. Toying with the idea of putting them in frames.