Season Ticket Prices

I think they should be capped at £500.

Offer 5 and 10 year tickets at £2400 and £4500.

It’s pennies compared to tv money.

Any form of priority for fans that bother to watch from inside the stadium would be welcome.

The FA, division and club need to remember that football isn’t such a saleable asset without the fans and atmosphere.

They should keep at least a dozen tickets on standy for any overseas fan that arrives in the country at short notice. Showing the airline boarding pass to prove you have just arrived in country should suffice to stop any old scally from picking the tickets up.

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Liverpool fans walking out to protest ticket prices cost them 2 points (per Sunderland fans last night).

Still thing the next generation of fans 0-10/12 should get really cheap season tickets of a free on with adults. Or free up to 6/7.

I would grab an away season ticket if they ever did them again or a home to share, which would encourage me to go to more games.

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Ticket price unhappiness is starting to grow. Some vaild points here from the Supporters Federation.

Report says that “the majority” of Prem clubs agreed to a £30 cap for away fans at a secret vote last week, but not the 14 clubs that is needed to make the change. Greedy shits.

Everton were the only club to want a capping of all tickets for all games, its shameful that we can’t pay the living wage and cap ticket prices with all the money coming in, I hate the premierleague with a passion and hope all clubs and all our leagues go bust, what have we got really since the Taylor report?

The gate money for Premiership teams has long been a sideline. They make most of their money through TV deals, getting a lot bigger next season, which is why the clamour for cheaper tickets is so loud.

With specific reference to Liverpool and Arsenal, the two clubs that are most in the news over the issue, I’ve heard podcast pundits reference the surrounding areas. Who really can afford tickets at those prices?

Those of us that went to the Liverpool game in January know why the scouse contingent of that fanbase is so up in arms. Most of the LFC fans in the back garden of the Arkles were from Norway. Inside the ground, the LFC fans next to us were silent.

Great protest by them, but I really wasn’t surprised to see 3/4 of the stadium stay put.

To be fair to the Sotonians crew we are well ahead of most fans on this issue. 3/4 of our members are already boycotting games.


Liverpool became a franchise years ago like United, they say they want local support but know they wouldn’t be able to sign players or sell shirts without whoring themselves to the Far East and the US, as long as they can say to the rest of the Premier League they are the biggest club etc etc they couldn’t give a shite, its strangling them and I love it.

They both are parasites of the game our game and we would be better served as would our National team if they fucked off out of it and we solely had a League that was sustainable, the PremierLeague is a corrupt anti competition gravy train, a bit like Brussels.

Liverpool don’t fit my definition of a franchise, unless you know they’re taking money and allowing other clubs to be Liverpool FC in different locations.

Sky pay a fortune, so when they click their fingers the clubs have to jump.

What they do underestimate though is the role the crowd plays in the tv event.

The Championship highlights are a parade of players celebrating in front of half empty stands - that look won’t sell globally as random bloke on far side of the world will think, if this is really Super Sunday, how come no fucker has bothered to go and watch?

Sky need the fans, the clubs need the fans, so something has to change.

But if you ran a business that sold out, would you reduce prices to create even more customers that you couldn’t serve?

I’m afraid that some of those priced out will remain priced out.

Liverpool are a huge franchise, they couldn’t give a shit about the scouser fan.

Yeah, but they’re not McDonalds, are they? They haven’t got football grounds in every city in the world.

MK Dons don’t get called “the franchise” because of their huge size, y’know.

Call it a new model franchise call it whatever you want, a part of a franchise etc etc

They are not a football club like any other in this Country apart from United and they are poorer for it, the media love in with their special atmosphere etc etc makes me want to vomit.
They say this and sell the seat to anyone, they charge the Earth and they couldn’t give a shit about the scouser, they’re a business/franchise like no other concerning football.
Look at their shirt sales and their tours, whores and yet at the same time we are told they are a special club with special feans, special fucking cling on glory hunting fans. The locals are no better in many senses in delusion and looking backwards all the time, they backpassed their way to European glory 35 years ago.

Except, of course, that the club hierarchy has already met to discuss a response to the protest.

Your post would fit right in on the UI.

Has met who?
My post would fit anywhere perfectly on a football forum.

Either way it’s nice to actually see fans starting to take action.

A wave of apathy/continued steady ticket sales wasn’t putting any message across other than ‘keep doing what you like and we’ll keep paying’.


There was a board meeting following the protest.

Some members of the UI are presently distinguishing themselves by letting their hatred of Liverpool blind them to what was an excellent and effective protest.

These would be the same people that moan about modern football being rubbish, and too commercial.

You did that all in one post, and I believe you’re fond of the city!

Modern football in many is rubbish, I don’t go anywhere near the amount I used to due to other commitments and I’m glad in some ways.

It was only effective because of the media love in with Liverpool FC, if Southampton did it it wouldn’t have created a murmur, Everton the peoples club of Liverpool. Half of the Country wank over Liverpool, it makes me want to vomit.