Season expectations 2016/2017

Season expectations 2016/2017


So footy starts soon.

There’s a poll there for our league expectations, but what are we expecting from Saints this year in general?

Remember that we’re competing on multiple fronts.

    1. Top half
    1. Champions League Qualification
    1. Down with the Villa (relegated)
    1. Mid table
    1. Lower end, but not in danger.
    1. Title Winners
    1. In danger, but not relegated.
    1. Europa League qualification

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I voted for Champions League Qualification…but I do every year. :lou_lol:


All I want from this period where we are gd, well-run club is to to see us Win Something, just one time. I am not v.fussy what, the League Cup would be v.fine, just win something pls, you Cunts!

Not predicting particularly great things in the league this yr tho. I would say around 8th would be Par, all things considered.


I’d be surprised if we can continue the upward trend, you can only get away with so many summers of change before you struggle.

I recall back in December seeing us getting drawn towards a relegation battle so I’ll hope that spreading the squad thinly over so many competitions still allows us to be competitive, and perhaps do something in the cup alongside a solid league campaign of 8th/9th.


It’s a possibility. I really don’t know what to expect. Vic and Sadio were important players, even though the former had his disciplinary problems. We are going to miss the pair of them.

On the other hand, you look at Leicester last year. They came into last season off the back of a load of wins, changed manager, and took off. The huge disagreement between Reed and RK was ultimately the question of whether the academy players are good enough for promotion to the senior team, without that affecting too much of our competitive edge.

Getting the feeling that this year will be the big test of that.


To be able to order tickets from my car on my phone! Just tried to do this for Man U away, but just goes back to choosing the stand…

On the pitch, back in Europe for me or/and a trophy for the first team not the lower league trophy!

Looking foreard to seeing a few home games starting with Watford and getting to all games north of Stoke and Saints in Europe at least once!


Originally posted by @pap

On the other hand, you look at Leicester last year. They came into last season off the back of a load of wins, changed manager, and took off.

What Leicester didn’t do tho, is sell 3 of their best players.


Wanyama ain’t that good when he’s sat in the stands, bruv.

He’s about as effective as I am at that point :lou_smiley:


Late November and first 3 weeks of December we have been terrible in recent years, seen us go out in the quarter final of the league cup twice in 2 years. We should be a great cup side, but the quarter final dates need to be moved for us!


What do you make of this new manager? I’m not inspired by his demeanour. He’s not fun to look at. He’s the French Chrissy Hughton.

As snap-judgements go, that’s about as facile as it gets, but still, I’m downgrading us a couple of league places.


I’m going to agree with bearsy and predict an 8th place finish. I’m also not impressed by Puels interviews. I struggle to understand some of what he says, the English he has mastered he just repeats, so essentially he never says anything different in interviews and he is just plain dull. I’m hoping he is a different person on the training pitch because I can’t see how he can be making himself understood. That said, Pottechino managed it so I’m sure it’s not the biggest issue we will face. I’d like to see one more quality signing (at least).


I voted europa qualification again, as i think we will make the league the priority. If we have a good run in Europa group stages i think domestic cups will be played by squad players and kids, but if we don’t have a good first 3 games in the group, i would hope for a serious attempt at one of the domestic cups.

So league: anywhere from 4th to 8th

Europe: getting out the group has to be the aim

Domestic cups: if league and Europa are going well they become an afterthought. Out of Europa, we have to go for it.


I have to say, I’ve heard more engaging Frenchmen :lou_sunglasses:


I’ve gone for ‘in danger, but not relegated’ because, frankly, every forum needs a Dalek.


I agree with the comments regarding Puel’s demeanour but I also accept it is very early days and we’ve not kicked a ball yet. Hopefully with a run of wins he will eventually grow on me and I can stay awake for the full post match interview… he wont be doing Monday Night Football anytime soon though will he!

In terms of transfer business so far…pretty underwhelmed although Pierre-Emile Højbjerg could well turn out to be decent. I would also like Redmond to prove to me that he isnt the next Aaron Lennon - nippy but otherwise bang average with no end product. I do accept though that Norwich is not the best place to showcase your attacking flare. Otherwise I am a bit concerned with how thin on the ground we are up front and in the attacking midfield positions, especially with Europe. It would be ironic if the summer that we recouped a record fee for a player sold AND the mega-bucks from the TV deal that we dont break our transfer record of £15million. Tadic is clearly being considered for the number 10 role so remains to be seen if we do splash out on someone.

I also fall in to the category of being scared shitless everytime Yoshida is named on the teamsheet. That said, the crowd singing “How shit must you be, Yoshida has scored” to the Villa fans in the league cup last year is one of my all time faveourite St Mary’s moments! So a new CB wouldnt go amiss, especially as Gardos is injured again and even retired his squad number to PEH by the look of things.


He can be as dull as he wants as long as he wins football matches.


Perhaps we can re-hire Nigel Adkins (AKA Mr Enthusiasm) just to give the team talks and post match interviews?


What is WRONG with you lot ffs!

Only thing that counts this year is beating the skates in the EFL final at Wembley 10-0 on live TV


Originally posted by @Rallyboy

He can be as dull as he wants as long as he wins football matches playing decent football

Edited for you (I don’t want a George Graham thanks).


I imagine two league titles, an fa cup, two league cups and a European trophy eases the pain somewhat. I would prob take that deal.