Saints vs Swansea - drinking club

With a due sense of “I’ll never drink again” and “FFS pap, we were only out three days ago”, there is actually a home game this weekend.

It’s Wednesday now. Thought I’d get the beers thread in. Anyone up for another round?

Have you asked Hypo?

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On the way to The Old Farmhouse on Sunday, I mused that it would be good to do this at The Rockstone one time. Perhaps Saturday?

Given that we get there early, attaining a table outside/booth inside (as weather appropriate) shouldn’t be an issue.

I’m in. For a change.

The Rockstone is great. We’ll just set off ten minutes earlier.

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We could always have one in the Farmhouse on the way :wink:

I’ll be up for the Rockstone - it will help if I know where it is though.

OK - found it. It’s the old Bevois Castle so I know it well. I can park at the end of Priory Road and get there easily enough, so all is groovy.

Ok, time-wise, does 12:30pm sound okay for people? Will give us a chance to get properly fed and watered, etc.

Originally posted by @CB-Saint

Have you asked Hypo?

No, but he’s part of our marketing drive :cool:

If it’s not already packed by the time we get there I may have to get one of their burgers in. Expensive but flipping beautiful.

Just saw this on Twitter, I like it :-

Sotonians!@ sotonians 7m7 minutes ago

Another # saintsfc home game. Another excuse for pre-match beers.


Imagine being that joyless your entire life. Jesus wept.

It’s almost as bad as never making a drinks meet up :cool:

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I’m a very busy and important person senor pap. I said I’m going to make one this season, and I absolutely will. I’m busy pretty much every weekend til xmas though!

This wouldn’t have anything to do with girlfriends, would it, KRG?

Got you in the garden, pulling weeds up in your spare time? :cool:

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Its worse than that, he rarely has any emotion at all when posting. Though he has just felt sorry for me. :joy:

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I am a possible. Depends on whether 11 year old mini Bucks is attending with me (for her second only game). If not, then I have spare time :+1:, as well as a spare seat :open_mouth:

Ha, 2 people mid-twenties living in that London. You think we have a garden. Cute. Surprisingly (even to me) it’s actually not her all that much.

I think you’ll enjoy it KRG. Here is a picture of us last weekend sat outside the Farmhouse:


You so get me Goats <3