Saints vs Sunderland beers

Saints vs Sunderland beers


Thought I was going to miss this one. Turns out that I’m not, and seeing as no-one else started a beers thread, I did that as well.

Where? When? Who is in town?


Me. On Saturday. About 12.30. If I wake up after the shitty hours I have worked this week.

some other lazy shit can sort a venue and table


I’m afraid I can’t, I had too much chocolate last time and I haven’t really come down yet…need to go and run around the kitchen for a bit…haven’t slept for six days…


I’m in - do we want a change (Cider & pies) or Rockstone again?

Bucks, welcome back to the world of work - I’ll book a table where we decide to go

Rally - you’ve only yourself to blame, I did tell you not to have the second cup…


I will be in town from 11 but no idea where. I will endeavour to find whichever venue you are in.

No promises after 4 pints though…


Actually heading to Southampton this Saturday. Possibly could come and meet some more of you and see Pap. Maybe not before the game so if there is a venue after I could make my way to it.


I still have a spare ticket…


4-1 Saints


Originally posted by @Bucks

I still have a spare ticket…

Gwan intiniki. You know you want to.


The more the better - where do we want to go then?


In The Rockstone at the moment. Tap takeover from Red Cat Brewery (Winchester, so safe) this weekend.

As I said elsewhere, gotta get a new season ticket so I’ll probably do that in the morning to avoid the queues. Free after I’ve done that.


Where was the last venue that delivered us unto victory?


I’d have to wear noise cancelling headphones. I honestly have issues with the noise the football crowds make. I am pencilling in a nap during the match so I can cope with an evening out later.


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4-1 Saints

There is a match thread for predictions you know, with an amusing homage to Pap too.


Right - executive decision taken - table at the Stable booked for 12.30 tomorrow

Hope that’s ok with everyone

For those who’ve not been there before


Home of the Sotonian pizza!


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Home of the Sotonian pizza!

And The Goat cider! :lou_lol:


Arse and double arse. I’m on call and couldn’t find a colleague to cover the several hours needed on Saturday to go to the match. Bollocks.


Bletch is usually free from match commitments, how hard is the work?


Letsbe wants your ticket!