Saints vs Liverpool match thread

I started the last match thread and we got a win. Let’s not mess with tradition.

Big ol’ mission for us. Koeman hasn’t beaten a Liverpool side yet, and we owe them for that 6-1 in the cup.

Would be happy not to get stuffed.

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btw, will someone be a love and start the beers thread? Ta.

We seriously owe them one so we can get some breathing space in the table. And enjoy the late / post whistle abuse to our ex players. On that point let’s hope the muppets who loudly and continuously slated Nivea chops after just 5 minutes have learned from the 1-6 :lou_facepalm_2:

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I never believed in instant karma before that day.

Just add “the baby’s not yours”.

Completely lost it after that point.

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Can’t see anything but a loss here, sorry

big frm derby this. Hope pap & barry are crying into their moustaches come monday pls.


The scousers are playing United tonight which means they’re going to be putting out a strong side, if not their strongest, and they’re also not going to be as fresh. Genuinely think the 6-1 gives us more hunger.

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Back from away just in time for this one. Come on Saints – we _ have to_ beat this shit!!!

God I fucking hate these cunts! A win tomorrow will be celebrated and enjoyed only slightly less than stuffing the skates.

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Everyone at the game then?


BTW Roger East is a cunt

Booking for Lovren? East making up for not giving the pen earlier??

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We are shit at defending at the moement, why are we standing off two of the best forwards in the League, fucking tackle and block dont let them run at you, fucking shit as per when we play these cling on day tripper glory fan bells.

We are going to get fucked here yet again, why do we freeze against Liverpool at home everytime? Fannies.

Are Liverpool playing with 15 men? They’re all over us like syphilis on a Pompey dock’s lass!

We just shit ourselves against them everytime, why couldn’t it be against any other fucking team, its embarrassing.