Saints vs Brighton - Weds 31st Jan (7.45pm KO)

Saints vs Brighton - Weds 31st Jan (7.45pm KO)


Right o, you old fannies. Still no let up in the match thread titles. Let’s keep AG confined to the Big Bro thread.

I’d like to see Pied in for Seesaws and McQueen in for Bertie. Not sure why JWP wasn’t playing on Sat but I fancy him to link up with the new fella. Boofs also needs to start. Serious shit now …



Why has BTripz been let off the hook?


If fit:

MC Car Thief

See-Saws Stephen Jacks Hoot Bert Rand

JWP Oreo Lemons Oi! Berg Susan

Gabby O’Dean


Shlong, Carrillo, M.C.Queen, Yo! Shida, ****, Boofs, interesting steve davis.


OMG @saint-cd what have you done?? What have you done??

Can someone please explain match thread starting etiquette to @saint-cd please, I need to go and lie down in a darkened room…


I would explain it but I have already retreated to my underground bunker awaiting the end of days RIP


He hasn’t, this is just to cause abject disappointment - a cruel and unusual pun-ishment (geddit?)


I wonder if the new striker can also play centre half?. Just thinking that if we’re all over them and go a goal up after 15 mins he could help make up a back 8 to make sure we hang on for the last 75.


No, please explain!!


I predict a tight, scrappy, battling 2-1 victory for us, and a lost chance for BTripz to redeem himself :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No @gavstar , @saint-cd has doomed us to a thrashing of Leicester proportions, we’ll be lucky to come out of the other end with only 5 goals conceded…


Gets my vote, though I might play Boofs in place of Susan from the start.


Susan’s been pretty good for the last two games so pretty harsh to drop her. Good option though.


It’s time for the team and you guys to man-up. No more etiquette, no more fannying about, no more negative talk, no more no-more. There you go … CD has spoken. Time to get tough.


3-1 to Saints

Unless it is snowed off to allow @Btripz to put the world back on kilter by starting Saturdays thread against West Brom


but I like fannying about, it’s the only reason why I come on here, well that and to take breaks from xhamster :lou_sad:


@saint-cd has explained above. We need to man up and get a very firm grip!

Bletch will be outside of the ground pre-match selling “handies” for those that need them…



I see he’s upped his price from ‘giving away’ to ‘selling’, although I’m not sure he can justify said increase.


It’s only 50p a time, behind the programme sellers kiosk…


Pellegrino hasn’t left his tactical notes on the train for you to find has he, @rust-cohle ?


“I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart about, and don’t let anybody tell you different.”

Kurt Vonnegut