Saints v West Brom drinks

Who’s coming?




You are

Me - and Fowllyd of course.

Quite fancy that cider place again - decent food, decent beer/cider, close to the station…


You’ve changed.

Suits me though!


I’m good with that. MMMMM…pie. :lou_lol:


I’ll be at the match but I have other people that I will be socialising with, sorry!


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Oh crap. Was I not strong enough in expressing my opionion on the shit cider place?

Would anyone be interested to know what I really think?

Ready to listen: what have you against the Stable? Not enough bales of straw?


I’m easy. Didn’t find the Stable as difficult to deal with as Lou did. I am already in Southampton, so will be in attendance. What about trying the downstairs part of the Stable?

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Ah - kidding really. My words are being taken more literally than I intended this evening, but like most things, I’m easy…


Cool. Stable it is then. I am also in Southampton like Pap and I suggest we aim for 1pm, though like last time I will probably arrive early to make the most of the buying decision at the bar (otherwise known as the free samples).


Not for me, as I’ll be elsewhere on a day-long birthday pub crawl (that happens to be 4 days before my birthday, but details).

In fact this means that my season ticket is up for grabs. Anybody on here want to make use of it? Don’t mind lending it to people I trust. OK, people I know (a bit).

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Are you going to book a table Bucks?

If so, don’t forget to tell them it’s Fowllyd’s birthday so we’ll be expecting cake and embarrassing renditions of Altered Images/Stevie Wonder classics. :lou_wink_2:

Based on the last visit, was not going to bother. Will we have 30 or 40 Fowllyd groupies turning out do you think?

At least.

They all look like this:

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Only in my dreams, sadly.

…Remember Monday’s Weigh boys! :lou_sad: