:pl: :saints: Saints v Watford :watfordfc:

:saints: v :watfordfc:

  • :saints: to get right back on that horse and put :watfordfc: down. A :saints: win, maybe not an easy one but a win nonetheless.
  • :watfordfc: been on a bit of a bad run recently, typical :saints: will let them turn that around and capitualte, a :watfordfc: win
  • score draw
  • bore draw
  • I’m done with this shower of shit. I’m moving in with @Not_Barry and we’re gonna chunter together forever … © @Saint-CD

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Any STH not going to this one and fancy a loan to a Goat?

I’m thinking of going to this one.

As long as you can still make the Sunday!!

Should be able to, tickets bought

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Poll added to the OP

Where’s the option for “I’m fucking done with this shower of shit. I’m moving in with Bazza and we’re gonna chunter together forever …”



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Going to this one. My first match in a couple of years.
How long is it taking to get into the ground?

Depends when you turn up, no Covid checks getting into the ground now so as it was pre-Covid

A Lawro says :-

Southampton v Watford (14:00 GMT)

Watford boss Roy Hodgson has come in so late in the season that he is still searching for his best XI and is also unsure about which formation to use, which is far from ideal when you are stuck in the bottom three with time running out to get out of trouble.

The Hornets have won only one of Hodgson’s seven games in charge and it’s hard to see where the improvement they need will come from now.

Southampton have been very strong at St Mary’s this season, so this is another difficult game for Watford. Mind you, most games look hard when you are a run like they are on.

Lawro’s prediction: 2-0

ArrDee’s prediction: I can’t see a lot of goals in these games. 1-0

Fcvck the game fvck Saints
Dumped the lot of ‘em out of my FPL team, played my Wildcard to give me the chance to have SOME players earning points in GW 30 and in this weekends’ double game week.

My Border trip to Ukraine never happened but I am actually back over the other border Sunday bringing clients back from deepest Slovakia across crazy snowy mountain roads with ice and no crach barriers and sheer drops and FFS.

No Saints players in my FPL team, unable to watch/listen. Easy Saints win then

Instant DQ

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We ought to win this one on paper, but I think Hodgson will finally get his defence sorted and they’ll nick one on the break. 1-1.

Horrible premonitions about this game - manager struggling to find best team, team struggling to find a win, etc etc.
We are known as being over generous to those teams below us, and they must have a striker who has been waiting for months to hit the back of the net.
As someone has commented, saints can win against teams above them, but will lose against those below them.
Strategy for next year - obviously start fairly badly, keep close to the bottom until Xmas, and with most teams above us, we can go on a winning streak for three months and finish well!


Dennis is the leading point scoring forward in FPL atm with 113 points.
Just ahead of Antonio & Kane.
Be careful what you wish for…

Smallbone, Perrauld in. Livramemto, Broja out

If you do have Ralphs ear, tell him to stop fannying about trying to keep posession and manging a game. All of our bad runs of form have coincided with slow build up play

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I may have been inclined to give the skipper a start on the pine this game for no other reason than he is tired. He looks it, he plays like it and his passing and set pieces are trash atm.