:pl: :saints: Saints v Watford :watfordfc: (Live on Sky Sports)

:saints: v :watfordfc:

  • What @fatso says
  • We’re shite, end of, no passion, no guts, and with Romeu, PEH and JW-P in midfield we have no “spine”, :watfordfc: are going to rip us a new one by 2+ goals
  • Rubbish at home, can’t score, can’t play, :watfordfc: by the odd goal
  • bore draw
  • score draw
  • Hassenhutl has :saints: back to basics, they build on the good work at :arsenalfc: and actually score a few goals, AT HOME!! :saints: by 2+ goals
  • :saints: play better, but the home jitters still strike, a tense nervy affair that sees :saints: win by the odd goal

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Moved to a 17:30 KO to be broadcast on Sky Spurts. Feck’s sake, I keep editing the time to 17:30 and it pushes it back to 16:30, what gives @saintbletch??

I’ll put my money on …
“are you sure you pressed 7, not 6”,
“check the batteries in your keyboard”,
“have you tried Ctrl/Alt/Del” or
“have you raised a helpdesk number”

It’s a drop down selection, you don’t type anything in…

It’s a USB connected keyboard, as the 1980s film title “No Batteries Required”

No, will that really work??

What’s a Help Desk, they’re all called User Support these days aren’t they?

But just for you…

Click on the Done button and I’m done…


Or maybe I’m not :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

I cant make this game so if anyone wants a seat feel free to fill my inbox.

I’ll take a look.

Fixed - ish.

Looks like a bug in the UI. I’ll report it.

If I was a betting man I’d say that it’s to do with the event having been created at GMT+01:00 and the event date actually being at GMT+00:00 (clocks will have gone back). So when you hit save it thinks it needs to adjust the time.

I entered a time two hours in advance and it’s adjusted it back to 17:30.

Odd one though.

Indeed, and I’m glad to see that your reasoning followed mine, I was happy to wait until the end of October (for when the clocks go back) to see whether it corrected the issue…

If @saintbletch doesn’t bite your hand off for this one I might, although with my Premium Membership I do get £5 discount off of every match…

Don’t want any money but feel free to make small charity donation :wink:

I also can’t make this game. Offers welcome please. My charity is my own longterm unemployment fund :wink:


Erm, I think you’ll find you are no longer in possession of a season ticket!

Possession is nine tenths of…

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It’s yours @BTripz!

I’m not giving to fucking charity - not after I heard that 2% of donations to the RNLI went overseas - amongst other things helping to save 40 Bangladeshi children each day from drowning. I only want to save white, British children!

Done, usual link, is it still active??

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I can’t get there either. Mine is also available, but wouldn’t they need my ST?
Likewise if anyone does want it chuck a few quid into a charity of your choice, or give it to a homeless person(but do have a conversation with them as well).

Sandra is a proper cunt isn’t she(i haven’t even had a drink) and so very angry. Anyone know where she lives? I’d love to meet her, just to whisper the letters E and U in her ear😄

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And it did, unless the last patch fixed it…

And now I’ve realised I can’t go myself due to Mrs BTripz getting us tickets for the Black Ball that evening, if it was an earlier KO I would have been able to make it…just.

So @Goatboy’s tickets is now available, I shall still donate to the kids though…

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Just been to see Swaythling Athletic (aka Eastleigh) win their FA Cup replay and they will now play Crewe Alex at home, on BT, at the exact same time as Saints/Watford on Sky.

Decisions. Decisions.

If anyone wants ticket please let me know. I will be away so please arrange early!

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