:pl: :saints: Saints v Tottenham Hotspur :tottenhamfc:

:saints: v :tottenhamfc:

I think we will turn Spurs over.

This may be the effect of the paint thinners that got sucked into the accommodation air conditioner intakes last night and gave all offshore a merry high for an hour or two until we found the culprit.

Requested that he repeat the offence every Saturday and Sunday night. :rofl: :rofl:


Going to this one and taking my great nephew to his first ever game. He is a Spurs supporter and I suspect he will see his team win.

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is KWP fit to play?

'pparrently so :+1:

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At least Stuie starts. Alcarez to come on later

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I may be late to notice this, but SFC now sell 0% lager for those like me avoiding alcohol (and driving too). A tiny, tiny comfort before KO…


good news Richarlison off injured in the 3rd min and we had a shot on goal from outside the area.

Bad news Bella-Kotcha injured and now substituted Salisu on

Listening to a brick going round in a tumble dryer would make more sense than listening to Merson trying to describe a football match.

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Bednarak off with a rib injury and Maitland_niles on.

Does anyone else remember when we used to be dangerous from corners? :cry:

…in fact, does anyone remember when we used to be dangerous from anything?

we are fucked again defence went completely missing.

Fucksake. :unamused:

Moi out of position

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I assumed that patch of grass was fresh cut and we’d been told to keep off it.

Oh good, we’ve got another corner.

A lot of good effort for nothing so far…normal service :roll_eyes: