:pl: :saints: Saints v Tottenham Hotspur :tottenhamfc: (Live on :prime_video_logo:)

:saints: v :tottenhamfc: - Live on :prime_video_logo:

  • The impetuous fool @BTripz is going, we’re doomed, doomed I tell you. That’s a :tottenhamfc: win BTW
  • Bouyed by scoring 3 goals on Sunday :saints: will once again make the onion bag bulge multiple times. :saints: to win
  • score draw
  • bore draw

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Be afraid everyone, be very afraid…

Tickets purchased by myself, for myself :rofl:

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You impetuous fool. We are doomed now


It will get moved for tv again on the annoy Bob grounds

It’s already on TV

They’ll still change the date again :wink:

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I haven’t seen this postponed.

How do you pin to the top?

Like that…and a poll added to the OP. Have at it Sotonians

Just realised my ticket says arrive at 13:30, do you have to do that or can I get there later?

Lots of checks and new entrance process.
Dont be too late

Imagine the dont apply to me innit krew will delay things

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Well that was surprisingly easy, had to show Covid pass to get through the barricades


Long and Valery…

That’s my FPL fooked

You may want to leave now Bob

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A rather surprising line-up. Obviously planning ahead for the Newcastle game.

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Which will be postponed

Yep judging by those being rested on the bench.

No, that is my hospitality game, it better not be

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Gus Poyet in Amazon match preview summed us up perfectly- and I paraphrase - “ They go two or three games and I get all excited and then they go and throw it away again…”