Saints v Stoke - Seating Advice

So, in an effort to broaden my worldly experiences, | want to sit/stand somewhere different for the Saints v Stoke City match (last game of the season and all).

I am looking at the Itchen block 3 having perviously been in the Kingsland and Chapel. One could say I am itching to get in the Itchen!!

Good choice? Should I sit high or low? Should I try and get in block 01/02 considering that I would blank out the away fans?

Any advice on this paticular subject greatfully received.

Sit in block 3 quite often with my daughter. You’ll have the sun in your eyes for most the game so go prepared. Sit high as you’re between the 6 & 18 yard lines. Blocks 4 & 5 are a far better view.

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Block 1 Row Z :lou_wink: