Saints v Spurs - Sun 21st Jan, 16:00 KO

Saints v Spurs - Sun 21st Jan, 16:00 KO


Fuck you @areloa-grandee ,factual titles only from now on.

Spurs visit next Sunday, can Saints make it 12 games without a league victory? I bet you can get pretty short odds that they can and will!

I predict a 4-2 humping!

BTW has anyone got a spare member number I can borrow for the game?


I think you’re right BT - it’s time to go back to basics. If aping someone else’s style isn’t doing it then you need to revert to the game that you know best - straightforward, honest, factual thread titles. No messing - you’ve delivered.

As to the game, it’s easy to be totally down about out prospects, but let’s not forget that Spurs have their vulnerabilities. We need to do everything we can to break up their rhythm, and for that we have to boss the midfield. So I’d bring Lemina in for Davis - as others have pointed out, Davis’ form this season has been well below his usual standards, and having a quick, fierce tackler who also likes to get forward in there instead of him looks right to me.

Other than that, I might be inclined to play Boufal and Gabbiadini rather than Tadic and Long, but that’s marginal. Long, for all the complaints about him, has been playing well and giving opposing defences a lot to think about. If we have sufficient players out there to pick up on things that Long creates then we’ve got some goals in us.

Keep it tight as hell in midfield, don’t let them establish the style of play they want to, and keep pressure on their defence at the same time. Who knows, it might just work…


I shall be well and truly imbedded in Apres Ski when this starts. By the time I emerge, I will be too twatted to give a shit.


My team would be


Bertrand Hoyt Yosh Cedric

Romeu, Hoyberg and Lemina

Gabbi Boufal Long

Subs on at 60 mins JWP and Tadic




I predict Pellegrino will come out with the same shite as the last games since November when we last won.


I’ll be there*.

We’ll win.

We always win** when I go to SMS.

*Courtesy of SO5 and via the good grace of Flyd.

**We don’t.


I weep… alone, my head held in my hands in relentless melancholy…

MoPe 1 - 4 MoPo


Get thee behind the thread title.


Best thread title ever. Even has the kick off time. Nice work.

As for the team NYS looks good though I’m puzzled as to why you’ve dropped JWP.


This willl be one I can watch from my pit in the middle of the South China sea, which incidently is the same place I watched our last win in the league. so it is all coming together.

2-0 Saints.

JWP will be in the team.


Back to basics or…

Basics would be watching a dodgy stream from behind the sofa.

Or would be wearing my pyjamas top impression of our shirt to the pub

Each has merit the latter because we are unbeaten since I bought the shirt & wore it to the pub.

Decisions as difficult as MoPe has.

Hope I’ better at them.




Where are you going CB?


Cunts! (Spurs that is, not newly emboldened match thread title simplicity aficionados)


That avatar has made you very angry @areloa-grandee


I’m predicting Pellegrino’s finest hour (and 30 mins) :- his secret weapon the 'Anti-Press’™ will be released upon the unsuspecting and tactically behind the times Pochettino.

We will give them so much space and time that confusion will set in giving us time to defend deeper than ever before. Jack Stephens and Yoshida will be stationed on the goal line to cover mccarthy and will only be allowed off it at half and full time.

Shane Long will start.

9-1 to spurs.


Should the anti-press not be called the De Press @rust-cohle ?


Kane, Alli, Son and Erickson all to score as usual.

5-4 Saints…


Ideally Dubster but you know Mauricio. A Stubborn stubborn man.

It becomes ‘De-pressing’ after 90 mins is his argument.


I’d be tempted to ask the FA if we can field an extra man or two given our disadvantage of being tactically retarded. Then it might be a game.

Other than that I have no solutions.

Would defintely play Long because Sanchez and Vertonghen tend to make mistakes when pressured and when against pace. Kane will score, so will Eriksen, so we really need to score at least two goals (in the first half, obvs) to stand a chance of a point. That being the case I’d probably play Gabby as well… but then we lose width or surrender the midfield, neither of which is a good idea against Spurs.

I’d go 3-5-2:


Yosh Hoedt Bertrand

Hoj Romeu

Cedric Lemina McQueef

Gabby Long