:saints: Saints v Spurs :tottenhamfc: (PL)

:saints: v :tottenhamfc:

  • Bouyed by their magnificent victory over Borussia Dortmund :tottenhamfc: cruise to an easy victory, :tottenhamfc: by 2+ goals
  • They huff and they puff and Kane scores a deflection off of his shoulder, :tottenhamfc: by the odd goal
  • Bore draw
  • Score draw
  • :saints: play like they did at Old Trafford and stun :tottenhamfc:, :saints: by 2+ goals
  • close game but JW-P manages another spectacular effort that see :saints: over the line by the odd goal.

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About time this got put to the top of the page.

2 things

1: is @saintbletch going and wearing his newest favouritest shirt?
2: Is anybody going to fund my attendance?

Lets assume 1 is yes and 2 is “get the fuck out of here”

If we play like we did against the Mancs it should see us come out with a win.

Can the midfield score again or will the forwards actually do the job?

All we need is Kane & that scandahooligan sounding person (who always scores against us) to be taken out the game early doors.

1-0 to Saints


@PhilippineSaint in la-la land.
He mentioned something that doesn’t exist and won’t happen again this season.

A Saints forward doing “the job”

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Poch just got handed a 2 game touchline ban for his rant v Burnley.
Small things may help us…


Poll added to OP

In my defence I have drunk a lot of cheap beer and vodka today

It is friday right?


It will be…every day is Friday when you’ve retired. :lou_lol:


Oh come on, it happens at EVERY home game v Spurs & it’s not in the Poll.
Saints once again forget all about Ericssen and leave him in acres of space left of centre outside our box and he blasts a world past our unsigned keeper

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Oi I specifically did not name him to prevent the jinx of him doing exactly that and

Well there you go

Even Lawro will be predicting that now.

I may have to revise my prediction on the poll to Spuds are bouyed and bouncing and give Saints a trouncing.

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I don’t see any points here for us. We played as well as I’ve seen us this season at OT and we still came away empty handed, we aren’t going to play any better than that against spurs.

Tbf, did anyone expect Tadic to have the game of his life in Madrid? Do you always expect the Spanish Inquisition? Things come in threes is all I’ll say…

Redmond hat-trick it is then. Should i put it all on him first goal and 3-0, or do you think we’ll score more.
I’m liking the positivity and the odds are going to be amazing :grin:

Those odds would be astounding!!

I’ll let you know and i will put a bet on it. If it comes in, i’ll fly over and buy you a beer :rofl:

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Sounds ace to me :beers:

I’ll just leave this here and run

When I was a baby I suffered from projectile vomiting. You almost set it off again with that.



Lemons could be back (on the bench possibly)

Twatter page seems to no longer exist…