Saints V Red Bull Whoever Match thread


Excellent same commentator already admitting he knows none of the Red Bull players.

Great save from Stekelenberg


Gaston looks like he’s dragging a piano.

…and doesn’t have a team sheet for either team.

I guess that is what friendlies are for, no? It’s important for the commentators to get match fit, and make their mistakes in the close season.

Got a team sheet, Goat?

Rubber sheet.

All the saints players are called Muvi. Problem solved.

Stekelenburg, Cédric, Gardos, Yoshida, Debayo, Gape, S. Davis ©, Tadić, Ramírez, Rodriguez, Long.

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Stekelenburg, Cedric, Gardos, Yoshida, Debayo, Gape, S. Davis ©, Tadic, Ramirez, Rodriguez, Long.

Subs: K. Davis (GK), Little, Turnbull, McQueen, Gallagher, Hesketh, Wood.

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Call me old-fashioned but I’m of the opinion that a good match thread should give at least some clues as to who’s playing and what the fucking score is.

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Good stuff from J Rod. Over-played by Long. Good chance.

Stekkers :astonished: Looks like a good acquisition to me.

Cheers Sfcsim!

Edit … and Goat.

1-0 Red Bull

I cursed him.

Originally posted by @Halo-Stickman

Cheers Sfcsim!

Edit … and Goat.

The all important subs :wink:

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Yep. Even after the goal. Unlucky for him. I’m encouraged!

The commentator is Garry Preston, comedy genius:

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