:pl: :saints: Saints v Manchester City :mancityfc: (Live on :sky_logo:)

:saints: v :mancityfc:

  • :saints: gonna get ripped a new one
  • :mancityfc: gonna rip :saints: a new one
  • a loss for the :saints:
  • a win for :mancityfc:
  • a miracle happens and :saints: don’t lose
  • wait, what, you’re on what? and you think :saints: are going to win!!

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There’s a select honour so far afforded to only two PL clubs, Leicester City and Manchester Utd.

City will be looking to join that elite group on Saturday. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to join the Red Stripe Nine Nil Club.

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I have a ticket for this game if I dont get Covid between EG and Southampton via Paris.

We will win


Where are you sitting. Keen to avoid anyone arriving on the ebola express

In the posh seats in the kingsland
Said something about armchair.

What’s the flight status latest?

It’s ok - no flight risk - I am sat nowhere near him


More importantly, when are you going back?

21st Feb leave UK not to return for at least a year as that twat in no10 will try getting money from me.


Confirmed flight arrive evening 19th all sorted

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I have visions of tax bills from a thousand jurisdictions chasing @PhilippineSaint around the world


And paternity tests.


Free hit for this one - always is against City. Would just love to see us give them a right go and scare them a bit. Expect to get beaten but will really make my weekend if we can turn them over. 5.30 ko on a saturday night is a nice time too as the lads will be in the pub all afternoon so should be in good voice.

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Just asking where I should put the “new one” that they are going to rip us. Running out of space.


My advice - watch out for gov and tax. Many nurses on a year contract in UAE got caught out. They had been out f the country for a year, but I think it has to be a tax year (April 6 to April 6) or you any tax etc on your earnings.
I wasn’t a nurse, but was advised to stay away for a complete tax year, which tied in exactly with my overseas contract dates - 4 years out - no tax etc.

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I am ok if I dont stay more than 40 days in this visit to the sceptic isle. As I am now in Paris back in a few more hours and the old man has received the ticket for the game. So Unless covid test Friday goes tits up will be there :slightly_smiling_face:


Covid test is Day TWO.
Landing day is day zero.
So unless you are in isolation from EG, you can do the test after the game :wink:

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Day 2 would be Friday so have to be tested before the game

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If I am covid free on friday where are people meeting for drinky poos on Saturday lunchtime?