🍻 Saints V Man Utd Pre-Game Beers

Anyone fancy a few in the Rockstone to numb the pain? I might start in the Bookshop as I haven’t been there for a while either.
Anyone else?

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Bletch is out to play!

[In best 1970s cinema advert voice-over man’s accent] This humiliation and inebriation session is brought to you in association with @Bucks - when he can’t come, Bletch can.

I’m meeting up with @Rallyboy at the Rockstone early as we have some web-shaped discussions to have.

I’ve taken the liberty of booking a table for 6 (people, not PM). If it’s just me and The RaleighBoy (+Goat) then I’ll move to a smaller table. If you’re planning to be there, let me know. @Fowllyd, you going to make it for a couple?


cool. what time?

We’ll be there from 2:30pm. Lol. Can you imagine what I’m going to be like by kick-off?

Best order the taxi now.

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Damn right I am. Will be good to see the RaleighBoy too, assuming he hangs around for an extra soft drink (the Rockstone removed their hot chocolate machine after the last ‘episode’). My good friend SO5 4BW will be in attendance as well, I do believe - trains permitting, of course.


I’ll bring my buds for you to try :lou_wink_2:


Excellent! I’ll pair them to my phone as I’m not listening to that skinny Saffa and her bloke.

That said, I’ve already written to Santa and, when the man from Amazon visited the very next day, I was told not to open the delivery! Went for the same ones you got.

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@BTripz. You about?

Some mate

Unfortunately not, Mrs BTripz is out doing her singing thing so I couldn’t make it…

You are v welcome Bletchy. Whether you still think that at full time is highly unlikely but here’s hoping for a miracle to outshine your outfit


To be honest, @Rust-Cohle, you’ve got such a downer on Hughes that watching every game home and away with you in front of my TV is becoming a bit of a downer.

Give the guy a chance, I say.

He’ll turn it around.

Or are you just anti-Welsh - isn’t it?


You are the mark hughes of friends. One more chance or you’re being replaced


Is it an April fool?

It’s ok. Grant and Phil are here.


They were having a Right Said Fred tribute afternoon in the Rockstone. Goat and I had a chat with a couple of the participants, brothers from Gosport. Seemed like decent enough blokes, even if one of them was clearly wearing his shirt for a bet.


Well. Bletch is a liability isnt he?

Has Baz been on to say how average he is feeling about a draw?

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Strangely silent.

Think he’s still in that hipster place he was banging in about waiting for change.