:saints: Saints v Man City :mancityfc: (PL)

:saints: Saints v Man City :mancityfc: (PL)


:saints: v :mancityfc:


Anyone likely to have a ticket available for this match? Looking for one for a mate of mine.


27th Dec. He.e at 7:30 on Mrs D_P birthday switched from 26th when I could have gone.
30th 3:15 2 hours before I fly to Poland


Awkward way around it, but if you’re stuck, you can buy one with my membership, or use the daughters(adult now) as well and buy 2, if you want. Let me know and i’ll update f&f details, if needed.
Will post membership(s), if i’m not at a game before.


I might struggle (not sure yet) in which case my seat is yours, if you want. Will know after the weekend I think


Cool. Cheers Bucks.


Sorry, I will be making this one


Let me know closer to the time if you haven’t got one.


Cheers, and I apologise for my abuse on the match thread. I’m a bit tipsy. You arse.


Knock yourself out, I am not arsed mate.


I know. Dealing with you on a match thread is just like talking to someone who has read reviews of a film rather than watching it. Or someone phoning in their war report from a Chiswick bedsit.


I don’t need to see it, I am resigned to it, we may improve in a month if we sign some quality players but with the ones we have we’re down, Gao stating sell before you buy means we’re fucked as who is going to buy our shite?


So do you only watch us when we are doing well?


Oh no I’ve watched us for years, I just don’t want to watch this shite tonight and get wound up, losing isn’t an issue, its the manner of defeat, the same with relegation.
I won’t be arsed about it but I’ll be extremely annoyed at how it happened, the same really about our transfer moneyball policy.


But you don’t want to be ‘invested’. Surely if you are a ‘fan’ you are invested?


I am invested, I just don’t want to be a wound up invested Southampton fan.


So you choose to not watch the game? That is one fucking weird ‘fan’. Are you invested in your marriage but refuse to fuck the mrs?


There’s a leaky at the back joke but I won’t go there :wink:


Now now.