:pl: :saints: Saints v Liverpool :liverpoolfc: (Live on :sky_logo:)

:saints: v :liverpoolfc:

Moved now due to Liverpool playing in the FA Cup final the day before

  • It would be the most :saints: thing to do to beat :liverpoolfc: and deny them the league title they so crave, and guess what? It will happen :saints: to win
  • :liverpoolfc: will run riot, not quite a 0-9 but close, :liverpoolfc: to win
  • score draw
  • bore draw

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10 days to get the players arses in gear and hopefully play (and beat) the scousers. Ain’t gonna happen I know but it’s a nice thought.

Hope for extra time in the Cup Final and a couple of muscle strains

One for bazbot

Everyone’s missed the poll I added to the OP

To lube or not to lube.

Yes and the supercomputer was a VIC20.

The marketing department must fucking hate our team - just as they are sending out the season ticket renewals, our team are beach bound and remind us about the hate aspect in our love/hate relationship with the club.

Maybe the CMO should be appointed team manager for April and May - he couldn’t possibly do any worse


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Mo Salad just gone off in a game at Wembley, could be missing on Tuesday.
Oh dear, how sad, never mind…I was so looking forward to seeing him play. :frowning:

There’s a local pub with a enamel plaque on the garden fence. It’s a faux period Titanic advert with the inscription, “WHITE STAR TITANIC - Liverpool - New York”
Now that’s what I call plumbing the depths.

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The Sun in Romsey? :thinking:

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Yep, you’ve seen it too. :rofl:

I’ll take a picture next time we go.

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I haven’t noticed it specifically, but I did see the impressive array of signs and plaques there :smile::smile: I like the one in the gents listing bar prices for answering the phone to one’s Mrs and lying about your presence in the establishment.

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Extra time, please and will that nice Mr Lukaku hurt Van Dick?

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Extra time it is

Oh fucking hell, chav fireworks all night it is then, that fucking lot, fuck me I fucking hate them. Day tripper entitled cunts.

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