Saints V Liverpool League Cup Semifinal First leg

Well as I am still in the chair here goes.

Rotation will be the order of the day here.

Was Forster rotated or injured against Norwich if rotated he will be back in.

VVD and Redmond will both start but the rest you may as just pick the names out of a hat, as I have no idea what team Puel will pick, which also means Klippity Klopp will have no idea what team he will be facing.

I fucking better be a strong team. I want us in a final, or at least giving our all. Nothing less!


Starting XI:

VVD & Yoshida up front (proven goal scorers)

Then take a random pick from the academy

Can’t be any worse than Clod Pool’s recent selections?

Beer O’Clock people! Mrs B and I are up for both pre and post match beers, having taken the unusual step of (a) assuming saints will not get thrashed and (b) sorting out an overnight stay.

Screw the scousers and their moaning manager, screw the leavers, screw our recent dreadful form. Its mid-January and time for a beer :lou_lol:


Let me think back a year.

Oh yes, a “Cup Game” midweek, home to Liverpool. 20 of us down the Pub wearing Saints shirts ahead of a holiday weekend.


How did that game go again?

Not going NEAR a Pub, Radio, Twitter, Stream. or posting ANYTHING about the build up on Twitter or FB


We need to hit them and hit them hard, be relentless, treat it like a one off because going to A Field on the back of a 0-0, 1-0, 1-1 or 0-1 is going to make it very difficult to get through. Strongest team possible please, Fuck the Burnley game, play the under 23’s for that if needs be, I WANT TO GO TO A CUP FINAL GODDAMMIT!



Cedric VVD Yoshida Bertrand

Clasie Romeu Davis

Tadic JRod Redmond

Meet at Rockstone Bucks?

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Don’t think I’m down for this. I’m still on best behaviour at the new job and don’t want to take the michael in the first few weeks.

Could go either way, but everyone knows Liverpool have got it in them to thrash teams, especially us.

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Cedric VVD Yoshida Bertrand

Clasie Romeu Davis

Tadic JRod Redmond

Meet at Rockstone Bucks?

Fine with me pre-match. Can probably be there from 5ish. Post match at SWA?

Don’t see why not :lou_wink_2:


I’ll be there, be warned, I’ll probably make the Rockstone pre-match


Claude is almost indecipherable in his comments here. But the gist is that he’ll decide tomorrow if Fonte’s going to play against Liverpool.

As much as I feel he should just fuck off now (Fonte, not Claude), we really could do with our most consistent CBs to face Liverpool.

Then again, not sure if that is José anymore.

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Sourced from Daily Echo article

Puel to rule on Fonte’s Liverpool availability

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Claude Puel says he will decide tomorrow whether Jose Fonte will be considered to face Liverpool.

The Saints skipper was not even in the squad to take on Norwich in the FA Cup third round following the revelation he has asked the club for a transfer.

Though executive director Les Reed confirmed there have been no bids for Fonte yet this month, it remains a difficult situation for Puel to handle.

Puel refused to confirm whether Fonte’s absence at Carrow Road was due to the speculation over his future, but insisted he will assess the situation ahead of the EFL Cup semi-final first leg with Liverpool.

“I will take a decision today or Monday and I will see this will calm,” he said.

“Les Reed can do an interview about the situation of Jose. I have not another comment with this.

“The situation is particular and now we have respect for the possibility for Jose to see something, an opportunity, in this market window.

“It is the way for all the teams during this difficult period and it’s important for us to manage this period the best possible because we have got to play many games on January, and important games with different competitions.”

Puel was asked specifically whether Fonte was left out for reasons of rotation or over his personal situation as he seeks to leave St Mary’s after seven years at the club.

He replied: “I don’t want to give a reason but just to understand the situation in particular with the player about questions about his future.

“It is always difficult for him, for the staff, for all the squad and we will see this in this market window.”

Puel was also asked about speculation linking Saints with a move for Liverpool defender Mamadou Sakho, mooted in France as a potential replacement for Fonte should he move on this month.

The Saints boss has always been cagey over transfer talk and continued that policy.

He said: “It’s a period of speculation of the market window and it’s the same answer and it’s always a difficult market for all the teams.

“It is not easy to have the good possibilities and of course we stay aware about possibilities and opportunities, but if a player will come to Southampton it’s a player who can do good work and I think a strong level on the squad.

“It is not interesting to take a player just to take a player.

“This is difficult and I prefer to take good concentration about my squad, my players going forward.”

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Had we not conceded that stupid equaliser I would be happy to go without Jose but if he wants to put himself in a shop window and give his all then we have to go with him.

Fuck it - give him the captaincy too and see if it wakes him up to the reality of the world beyond his agent.

Liverpool look like they are playing their under 13 team against Plymouth today. The feckers are clearly taking the semi final seriously!


They brought on their big guns in the second half but still couldn’t score. Just as well that wasn’t us. Barry would have had a cardiac arrest!


Nice short away trip to Plymouth :lou_wink_2:

Liverpool wanted last season and got to the final against City. They want this, it is silverware and they want the lot, believe me.

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If we lose (we will) then make it big so he goes, he’ll stay and use it as an excuse to concentrate on the League no doubt.


I didn’t think it was even certain that Fonte would be playing.

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He’s not getting fired until the end of the season Barry, give it up.

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