Saints V Liverpool Beers

Saints V Liverpool Beers


I am running the Eastleigh 10K in the morning (never tried running in Eastleigh without stolen goods) so beers and a calf rub will be most welcome.



C’est possible. Meeting my uncle and his mate beforehand, so I could attempt to steer towards having drinks wherever you lot end up.


SO5 and I are no-shows for this one, malheureusement. Was all set for the Saturday, can’t make it on Sunday. Blame my mother for having her birthday at such an inconvenient time.


Despite having a busy week next week, I shall be travelling down for the beers. I even fancy a gig afterwards, and will need to check whether they still have tickets. Hairforce 5 at the Brook. Could be a messy one.


I have a contact at The Brook :lou_wink_2:


Incorrect. Heck at The Joiners will be the gig of choice.

Messy? I’ll be lucky to get out with all of my limbs attached!


There won’t be as many MILFs feeding my ego at The Joiners, ant.


I’m also doing Eastleigh 10km.

When I say doing, I mean, I’ll be there watching other people doing the actual running bit - but it’s being there that counts.


And if Goatboy needs a calf rub there’ll be an expert on hand. Perfect.


Bletch is coming for matchday drinks? Cool


Almost certainly a no show for beers this week, sorry gents. Taking my elderly Dad to the game, and while he will be up for a beer or two, the extra walking may be too much for him sadly.


At this rate it will be just me hobbling along like I’ve been butt raped.


So is this lark going off then?


I’ll be there in a jiffy. 56 minutes 18secs for the 10k. Not bad for a fat fuck.

Now I am going to get shit faced.


10 past 11 and he’s got a pint. Happy days. :lou_sunglasses:


Right. Will order a cab and get down myself.