:pl: :saints: Saints v Leicester City :leicesterfc: (moved to Friday, live on Sky)

:saints: v :leicesterfc:

  • :leicesterfc: are playing well under Brendan and give :saints: a good Rodger’ing, Vardy is a Fox in the box and scores as usual, :leicesterfc: by 2+ goals
  • It’s tight, it’s close but Vardy still sneaks one in late on, :leicesterfc: by the odd goal
  • :saints: somehow get out of the doldrums and Ings score for the 5th game on the run, other :saints: players also make the onion bag bulge, :saints: by 2+ goals
  • meh, shit weather, shit game, shit stadium, shit support, :saints: fluke it by the odd goal
  • the @Barry-Sanchez sanchez option
  • bore draw
  • score draw

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Oh feck, Mrs BTripz has given me permission to go if I want, it’s another late Friday and after the last late Friday, where it took me 2 hours to get home from the South Western Arms, I don’t know whether I can be bothered or not.

Plus I am Saints’ Anathema when I attend the football.

@Barry-Sanchez would say we’re shit and we’d lose anyway so I am conflicted…

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Someone has to go just to sing the new Rebecca Vardy’s a slapper song…

Damn that would be funny on global TV


I am the Committee, apparently.


which Friday?

The clue’s in the topic heading


Too early for Easter, but it will need a miracle for it to be (a) Good Friday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Poll added to the OP this is what Lawrenson thinks

Southampton v Leicester (20:00 BST)

Southampton’s draw with Wolves last time out was a decent result for them on the back of three straight defeats.

That point will have given Saints a lift but they are still in trouble, just above the relegation zone, and they still worry me. They look short of goals for a start.
Leicester are still flying high at the other end of the table, after fighting back to beat Burnley.

The Foxes’ problem in these sort of games - away, and against a team much lower than them - is that they have become a scalp.

Going to St Mary’s and trying to win the game is a very different task to going to somewhere like Anfield, when people are expecting them to be beaten. It is going to be interesting to see how Brendan Rodgers’ side deal with it.

Lawro’s prediction: 1-1

Arnie’s prediction: 2-2

Gabriel’s prediction: 2-3

TLDR?? He thinks we’re going to draw, so does Mr Schwarzenegger

To make Vardy my FPL Captain tonight or not…

I hate Friday night football and can’t get home unless i drive, so will miss another game.
Fuck the pl, pay TV and all the cunts that encourage it by giving them money. Wankers one and all.
I’m off to get pissed now and i think it’s going to be achieved with this

Which i’ll regret in the morning and blame the cunts all over again :wink:


My weapon of choice to get a buzz on, whilst scrabbling about trying to find a dodgy Internet Feed, is as per usual Hobgoblin Gold. Not too challenging, and reminds me of warmer days watching Saints with @dubaisaints!!

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I’ll be honest. A good few ales would be preferable, but i’m cooking and too far into the wine to drive.
On a plus note I’m drinking this

So less than half the price.
Then again the football hasn’t started yet and there’s only a glass left.
More wine, or straight to the rum? Not a decision i wanted to make before the football :roll_eyes:


I’ve just realised I’ve only got 2 cans of beer in the fridge…

Starting with a Conflux.

Should be nicely shit-faced by the time I drink half and spill the other half in someone’s lap.

Come on you Saints.

Same as usual then.

A Bloody Mary
And now a damned fine Amarone.
Shame the game will spoil the evening

I miss @Fatso when Leicester play, on yes Indidi


ah, the PEH Romeu & JWP Creative xs again