Saints v Koeman. Pre match drinks essential


Yes, I know we have the small matter of Sparta away to come first, but this Sunday sees the return of one R Koeman Esq and his multi million pound budget (mostly unspent)

It is also the 5th birthday weekend “festival” for the usual pre-match venue of the Rockstone. A booking will be even more important than usual, if it is to be the chosen location for discussing our welcome for the aforementioned Ronald.

Who will be there and any votes for an alternative venue?


I’m in

Not bothered where - Rockstone fine, Stable fine

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Rockstone sounds good to me.

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Rockstone then? Kick-off is 4:30pm, so any time after 2pm I guess. Though the hardened drinkers can pitch up way earlier if they feel inclined.


Currently en route back from London - got to pop home first though. Be there if I can.


Who loses today is under pressure that is for sure.


Will be down for 2ish.

Think I’m bringing a mate.

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I know, no one is going to want to start the next match thread against Arsenal!

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Well, I’m in the final stop before heading for home, The Stile on University Road. Odd day. Goatboy wasn’t drinking for a start, but we had two Emmas.

I bet they couldn’t get one on SaintsWeb.


My liver is thanking me.

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Shall I take him under my lapel?

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Goat needs help - he sat there in a pub full of real ale, nursing a little hot drink like some sort of weirdo.


Yeah. I fucking hate people who do that.


The events of today were so strange that I’m starting to wonder if Goatboy ever came back from Prague.

I know we saw a physical representation, but I’m sure I am not alone in wondering if it was some kind of genetically engineered latte-totalling monster that killed and replaced our friend.


I’ll be back.


He took all of my clothes and my bike.

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I will be back too. In a little over 48 hours, at the Compton Arms :lou_wink:


If we see the Goat riding around town in Sophie Loren shades and a blouse we know Bletch is naked outside a diner.


Almost as bad as people who sit in a pub drinking some faux beer claiming it’s the best beer in the world…ever!!!


Nothing could be quite as bad as that, Bob.