Saints v Huddersfield Festive Beers


I was chatting to Bucks on Saturday about the possibility of a visit to the Unity Brewery Tap Room after the game against Huddersfield on the 23rd.

They now have a couple of heaters which should help us with the frostbite and are also serving pies by Uptons of bassett :lou_lol:

Got to be worth a trip!



Too far away to be the pre-match venue :lou_facepalm_2:


Which is why Goat used the word “after” in his post.


This could have legs. And we could all lose the use of ours. What’s not to like? I’ll have to see if I can arrange accommodation at my parents’ place for the night.


Anybody up for pre beers?

I can’t make post - if still on



After scrounging a free ticket I have discovered it is with the proviso that I am named driver, so it turns out I will need to watch this match sober :lou_sad:

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Did they specify ‘sober driver’? If not, happy days!


To be honest they only specified driving to the game, they never mentioned getting them home again, so maybe I drive them to the game early, get wankered and then deny all knowledge of agreeing to drive on the way back, genius!


Will do my best mate. Need to meet his royal Papness somewhere, as he has my Fulham tickets

cant make post match either


I should be on for the pre-match beer experience, but sadly not the post-match one. Rockstone? Bookhsop?

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Looks like I will have plenty of room at The Unity :lou_sad:


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Rockstone please - Bookshop not good for us coming in by train (ok - I can’t be arsed to walk that far)

As it’s Christmas could you bring your wallet this time?


I have weighed everything up, and in the grand scheme of things, two extra days of a family reunited and convincing ms pap of the morning’s glory have sadly tipped the scales on going to a Saints game and beers.

Have fun. You normally win without me.


Have a good one papster. New Years Day birthday drinks in the South Western after the Palace game?

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Yeah, I’ll be back on the 1st. Merry Christmas to the extended G-Fam

Loving it at the minute though. Very peaceful by comparison. I am certain sir understands.

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In the Rock for the last pre-match beers pre-Christmas. None of you lot here. Lightweight tossers.


I will get my shit together.


As often in recent months, the time in the pub was the best bit of the afternoon. Props to Goatboy, SO5, Fowllyd and SO5 junior. Merry Christmas all.


Yes Ndidi

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