:saints: Saints v Fulham :fulhamfc: (PL)

:saints: v :fulhamfc:

A Lawro speaks :-

Southampton v Fulham

Fulham’s defeat by West Ham on Friday could have been a very different story if the referee had spotted Javier Hernandez’s handball as he scored the Hammers’ equaliser.

A lot of people moan about VAR, and it is by no means perfect, but that is the kind of incident where it will help the officials get the decision right. As things are, the goal stood - and it changed the game.

Some of Fulham’s problems are of their own making, though, and they fell apart defensively after that.

They were abysmal at the back and, on that evidence alone, I have to go with a Southampton win here.

The Saints’ revival under Ralph Hasenhuttl has hit the buffers a bit in the last few weeks, and this is the biggest game of their season - there is no doubt about that.

Lawro’s prediction: 2-1

Tom’s prediction: I would like to think that Southampton are going to win this, and it is probably not going to be pretty. 1-0

  • :saints: are a disaster of a team, no heart, no spine, no passion :fulhamfc: are going to stroll to an easy victory under the Tinkerman,:fulhamfc: by 2+ goals
  • :saints: rule the possession stats but a lack of striker hits them where it hurts, :fulhamfc: sneak a goal and then hang on. :fulhamfc: by 1 goal
  • bore draw
  • score draw
  • :saints: hear that @PhilippineSaint is attending and turn on the magic, they brush a hapless :fulhamfc: aside, :saints: by 2+ goals
  • :saints: rule the possession stats but a lack of striker hits them where it hurts, :they do however sneak a goal and then hang on to win by that solitary, lonely goal
  • wot @Barry-sanchez says
  • wot Bertie :microbe: says

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Yo @PhilippineSaint is it this game you’re over for?

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You going Bob? It’ll be my first home game since i won that bet, so beers on on me(when i say beers, please ignore the plural).

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Now that has made it doubly likely that I will be there :grin:

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No point in speculating about this one til we know who’s fit to play, imho. I had a sinking feeling against cardiff from the moment I saw the teamsheet.

Every game i’ve been to this season, we’ve won. Plus @PhilippineSaint will/might be in attendance and the last thing the club needs is a group of fillipinos attacking them on social media, so put the house on a home win. I would even suggest going for the old Saints favourite 3-1, but the players will be so up for it 3-0 is a safer bet. Armstrong first goal, if i was stupid enough to predict that now :grin:


Good lad, finally some optimism :+1::+1:


Gotta be like that. I take it you’re old enough to remember the old “in our own hands on the last day” saying.
Remembering that was the mantra every year(and let’s be honest, only one exceptional player made even that possible) makes nowadays look not so bad.
Despite popular belief, we have some very good players(not generally at the back admittedly) and a manager that fits so well, it’s hard to believe. Any none sky sports fan has to see the reality of a club our size. We’ve hit bottom(without going down), the new owners have quietly reacted to the inherited situation and made changes(as above, so good, it’s surprising) to fit what the club needs.
Don’t you feel like we have a football direction as a club again?

I’m bemused about the club’s direction, if I’m honest. But I agree with you overall, no point in needless pessimism, we’ve been in far worse shape in my lifetime and the relentless relegation battles are seared into my memory like insects in amber.


I have no faith in Gao financially, but the quiet rearranging has been most impressive.
Marcus will always be the savior, but if Gao puts us back on that rather enjoyable roller-coaster without spending a penny, he’ll get my respect.
It’s been shit for a few years, so staying up and getting in a few players that suit the manager in the summer are the only goals.
Pretty standard stuff for us, but i’m more genuinely optimistic than i have been for a long time,which has to better than the slow fossilisation we’ve been fed.
A free beer if you turn up for the pre game drinks as well. What’s not to be optimistic about :grin:

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The free beer’s a bit fucking late, I’ve been dry for two years :angry::angry:

Sorry, how about as much tap water as you can take?
Or drugs. I can probably still get hold of some. Unless that’s a worse suggestion. If so, i’m making it up(if enough people believe that, i get a job at the guardian).

Yes I will be there for this one

Where are Pre drinks

And a map as its years since I have been in a pub in Soton

Its called google these days PS.
Cardiff game drinks seemed to be at Tyrell & Green, well weird.

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If we have won every you have attended this season may I humbly suggest you attend a few more? Every little bit helps…

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I’d love to and as soon as i win the lottery it’ll be affordable as well.


Unfortunately @tigger, I think his luck will be offset by the fact that I will be there. Expect a 0-0 draw.

See this is what forums should be all about… the desire to introduce poetic and figurative language, both metaphor and simile is the same short sentence, an introduction of beauty amongst the festering sludge…

But I would question the use of ‘seared’ as a metaphor which conjures up a ‘roasting’ as opposed to any association with amber… which is more ‘seepage’ of sap etc… lets have your thoughts


I was going to say “like branding on slaves”, but didn’t want to stir up the PC brigade.


And the people that wear company t shirts