:pl: :saints: Saints v Everton :evertonfc:

:saints: v :evertonfc:

  • :saints: buoyed after their performance against Citeh put on a show, :evertonfc: on a low capitulate, :saints: win at home for the first time in ages and by a clear 2+ goal margin
  • score draw
  • bore draw
  • :saints: over confident and roll over against an :evertonfc: team attempting to find some form, :evertonfc: by 2+ goals
  • a scrappy encounter with neither side playing well, nervousness abounds, :evertonfc: by the odd goal
  • :saints: have lots of possession but no attacking end product, they score off of their only shot on target to consign another manager to history :saints: by the odd goal

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Well they way Everton played last weekend we possibly have a chance in this game
Guaranteed that scouse pundit will say we will win to put the mockers on that.


If/when Saints win will Silva be sacked?

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Oh yes My Toffee supporting mate already hates him and is not confident they will finish above us and he will have to put 50 quid to the kiddies charity in Southampton

It is a home game.
We will get tonked.

We shouldn’t, but someone obviously never paid the white witch and she undid her undoing of the black witches curse.
Or something.

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Don’t bad-mouth my Sister-in-law. :rage:

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If we lose this heavily or in a emphatic matter Hassenhutl will walk or be told to go.

But what will be the point of that if, as you maintain, the player’s are shite. Replacing the manager won’t make a difference, you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear can you?

No of course you can’t but that won’t stop it happening in my opinion, us going down is good in many ways.
Less fans but better atmosphere, Gao and Liebherr loses millions, we’ll probably go out of business but there’ll always ba a club to support.

Liebherr made millions Baz. Dad invested no more than 30 mil. She sold Gao a lump for 200 mil.

Now. To be more accurate.
WHEN we lose Saturday, Gao’s share value could drop.
Kat could then for example buy him out for 100 mil, keeping 100 mil inches bank
Rant by all means but there is shit going on like this behind the scenes at the moment

I am quietly confident about this one. Saints to win by the odd goal.


Liebherr has by selling but now her and Gao’s stake are worth fuck all or will be if we go down, the squad is worth fuck all, on long term high costs contracts.
You don’t need to be a genius to know he thought he could wing it and skim the tv money, when I look at Leicester as an example and us it makes me very angry indeed.

Fuck right off Bazza you repetitive bore. :lou_eyes_to_sky:


This is make or break. I think we’ll do it. 2-1, I feel it in me bones.


Well it ain’t wrong sweetheart.


You’ve made my night!

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I was so unhappy I planned to head back to my room and have a wank and then you turn up so I think I’ll stay in the pub and smile at your re-appearance.

FATSO, you absolute cunt!

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Welcome back! You’ve missed…nothing.

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Nice to know you’re still feeling your bone Fatso xxx

Fatso, you gorgeous motherflipper. Good to see you back.

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