:pl: :saints: Saints v Crystal Palace :crystalpalacefc:

:saints: v :crystalpalacefc:

  • :crystalpalacefc: to win
  • :saints: to win
  • bore draw
  • score draw

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With Saints all but safe will the players be free of their shackles or will they be even more on the beach? This game could go either way!!

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Oh Bob.
I do wish they sokd whatever you’re smoking over here.

Could go either way?
You SEEN our defence?
Our only hope is Stephens in for Salisu (until after Eid)
Things are REALLY that bad

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Our defence warming up for the game…



That is not Calshot or Lepe


They were certainly leaping


The world’s most boring poll added to the OP.

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It’s got Vier of a dull game…

…but JWP for a Pat trick.

I’m trying to work out whether your typing is really bad or I’ve made an obvious typo and you’re taking the piss!!

If I’ve made an obvious typo it’s not obvious to me :slight_smile:

I’m trying for Worst Joke of the Day Award.

Again. :smile:

To be the worst joke of the day it’s got to, at the least, start being a joke.

Tough crowd.


Lots of running around.
Lots of booing every touch by Zaha
A faff up from a corner to give them the lead and some random wonder goal to get us level and stop us going full bazbot

On my way. Really hope that, since it’s a meaningless game, both teams just go for it.

0-0 it is then.


Southampton is rammed. Biggest police presence I’ve seen all season

Shane Long starts again with Che. Redmond and Tella behind them

Goal fest it is then…

Zaha benched

Has Theo Walcott retired and I missed it?

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