:pl: :saints: Saints v Burnley :burnleyfc: (live on BT)

:saints: v :burnleyfc:

Game has been moved for the “Winter Break” and will be live on BT Sport…

  • :saints: 0 - 0 :burnleyfc:
  • :saints: 1 - 0 :burnleyfc:
  • :saints: 2 - 0 :burnleyfc:
  • :saints: 3 - 0 :burnleyfc:
  • :saints: 0 - 1 :burnleyfc:
  • :saints: 1 - 1 :burnleyfc:
  • :saints: 2 - 1 :burnleyfc:
  • :saints: 3 - 1 :burnleyfc:
  • :saints: 0 - 2 :burnleyfc:
  • :saints: 1 - 2 :burnleyfc:
  • :saints: 2 - 2 :burnleyfc:
  • :saints: 3 - 2 :burnleyfc:
  • :saints: 0 - 3 :burnleyfc:
  • :saints: 1 - 3 :burnleyfc:
  • :saints: 2 - 3 :burnleyfc:
  • :saints: 3 - 3 :burnleyfc:
  • :burnleyfc: win, can’t be bothered to predict the score
  • :saints: all the way, who cares how many they score, as long as they score more than :burnleyfc:
  • a draw of some sort, Dennis being a real menace

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Audio, so black screen is normal.

The Burnley Way

I am pleased that we have used up our bad VAR quota for the season in irrelevant Cup and unwinnable games.
Equally glad the wonky own goals and plucky losers have been milked.
Sure Bednarek is a loss but at least since his haircut Vestergaard now looks like a footballer and has shown VERY occasional glimpses he may even know how to be one.
Hopefully KWP & JWP will be in.
There’s only 2 WP’s. 2 WP eees, there’ only 2 WP eeeresess

  • note we’d only have got scousehampton or Citeh in the latter stages of the Cup. I’ll take the points on offer to secure our European Tour thankyou very much

Bednarek will be available; yellow cards in cup games do not count in the league.

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Really pumped for this.
Gotta listen to merry Dave 1st half but have some beers chilling for the 2nd half stream.

Nah, not really, wont make the dont know what day it us mistake again in a hurry.

For some reason, the female members of the Dxb Saints Krew are spending their weekends touring beach resort hotels in the town. Cant think why.

Isn’t this on the 15th not the 16th?


You can’t get the staff @JxgrSaint.

God job we’ve only got @BTripz on a zero-hours contract.


I thought it was done to confuse the fuck out of Polski Phil?


I’m quite capable of confusing myself without any help from you lot.
Supposed to be off season, since my FB posts before & over Xmas (Spec Trips) we are actually busier than we were over New Year.
Currently on a 14 day / no day off run with 3 nights in digs in Zakopane this week.
Hmm 3 nights alone.
In a ski resort.
In high season.
What could possibly go wrong


You let Mrs EoA use your camera?

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Wow … that was a conversation killer :joy:

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Poll added to the OP

Hey bros, is the game going ahead? See the weather forecast is slightly shite :grimacing:

A little bit of rain and some strong winds is all that is forecast, this anthropomorphication of weather patterns is turning people into snowflakes…

In my day football was played in 3’ snow drifts (1m in new fangled speak) with 100mph (160kmh) winds slewing around the stands

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Fair call. Hard to judge when we have been burning and am also in another hemisphere. All these young uns, wouldn’t know what was going on if it slapped them in the face lol

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Yep no problem…I remember playing in a game at Weston Lane…blowing a gale with surface water on the pitch. In the first minute of the game I slid in on the near post to put us one up as a Bow Wave broke over me.
Later that afternoon I died of Hyperthermia.

No problem at all.


I certainly remember having my fair share of blue legs (lycra wasn’t invented back then) and cuts from slide tackling across frozen grass…

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The Veracity Ground…Flints and dog shit…happy days.

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