:pl: :saints: Saints v Brighton & Hove Albion :brightonfc: (Live on BT Sport)

:saints: v :brightonfc:

  • :saints: 0-0 :brightonfc:
  • :saints: 1-0 :brightonfc:
  • :saints: 2-0 :brightonfc:
  • :saints: 3-0 :brightonfc:
  • :saints: 0-1 :brightonfc:
  • :saints: 1-1 :brightonfc:
  • :saints: 2-1 :brightonfc:
  • :saints: 3-1 :brightonfc:
  • :saints: 0-2 :brightonfc:
  • :saints: 1-2 :brightonfc:
  • :saints: 2-2 :brightonfc:
  • :saints: 3-2 :brightonfc:
  • :saints: 0-3 :brightonfc:
  • :saints: 1-3 :brightonfc:
  • :saints: 2-3 :brightonfc:
  • :saints: 3-3 :brightonfc:
  • since that 9 goal reverse :saints: are doing so much better but their home form is still worrying, they shall prevail in this South Coast derby though
  • :brightonfc: are desperate for the points, the ex-Saint Potter stokes them up and they win
  • draw me a draw.

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We will destroy them

@ copywrite Fatso.


We are at home.
They aren’t Citeh.
Copyright Bazza


Got my free code to access BT sport from SFC today. Good work


Lawro watch we are fucked both predicting a Saints win

In Bletch terms Cunt.

Southampton v Brighton (20:15 BST)

The four points that Brighton picked up against Arsenal and Leicester last month have been huge in terms of keeping them out of trouble, but they are not safe yet.

The Seagulls are still looking over their shoulder, especially after losing their previous two games, and they will just be hoping that Bournemouth and Villa do not pick anything up in midweek to close the gap further before they play Saints.

I still think Brighton will stay up, but that will be down to other teams’ results rather than their own.

Lawro’s prediction: 2-0

Nathan’s prediction: Brighton play Newcastle (h) and Burnley (a) after this game so I think they will pick up enough points to get to safety, even if Saints nick it. 1-0

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wheres the prediction poll or is it closed with no entries already?

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FFS give me a chance to fuck it properly before you start moaning about it…


Well you did close the last one 2 days before the last match which is today in next match terms ?

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@saintbletch and I have concluded that it is a forum bug, the poll did the same thing this morning and @saintbletch has replicated it. This is the sort of work that we employed @fatso for …


Just put me down for a 2-0 Saints home win :crazy_face:

The poll is there, it will close properly, I just had to be extra careful…

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At least @Fatso would have put my score in for me :grin:

Oh I could have done it for you but it feels icky impersonating other people…

then i would have had to remember my password again as well


Look, I just want to say there is one South Coast derby. The thing with Bompey? New Forest Derby. The thing with Brighton? Is there one? And should we call it a South Coast derby when there is the giant turd of Pompey in between?


Maybe it should be called “The Butt Cheek” derby … with the Pompey nip-off in the middle ?


JW-P definitely needs a rest, he was brain tired on Monday night and it showed…


Reckon ings will get a rest too.